Court rules work made man sick

By Drum Digital
05 March 2013

The Western Cape High Court has ruled that a plumber contracted hepatitis B while working at the navy dockyards in Simon's Town, Solidarity said on Tuesday.

Nazeem Mallie contracted the disease in September 2004, the trade union said in a statement.

"Advocate Paul Mardon, head of Solidarity's occupational health and safety division, says Mallie's case will now be referred back to the Compensation Commissioner to calculate the compensation he is entitled to."

Mardon said Monday's judgement was a watershed because it set new guidelines for the process to be followed if a case went to court.

Solidarity said Mallie's health declined after he was diagnosed.

Mallie's employer reported the matter to the Compensation Commissioner in early 2005, however the commissioner did not believe he had fallen ill from his work.

Mallie objected when no decision was reached at a hearing in November 2007. The matter was then taken to the high court.


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