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Of presidents and polishitans

2014-04-23 10:25
luckyluke Comments: 2 Article views: 501

I have just returned from Madagascar, probably my favourite destination on my travel agenda for my modest business.  I have always really enjoyed the people, their hospitality, friendliness, kind-naturedness and joie de vivre despite their circumstances.  I always feel welcome and safe in Mada.

This time, having spent only 3 days in Tana the capital, I felt ok as usual but the vibe from the locals, friends, associates and casual acquaintances was different, darker and much more negative.  Reason: economic slump. Why: polishitans.  No question.

Let us agree one fact up front: the global economy is fragile and growth slow, but, it’s pretty much the same for all of us, yes?  Right, moving on…

Mada has been through much turmoil, regimes, occupiers etc the worst having been the commie ruskies who stuff everything up always, as they are doing right now on their own doorstep and in the Ukraine!!   Anyway thank goodness for the French who left at least a fantastic cuisine if nothing eat really well in Mada and inexpensively but be prepared to pay handsomely for your vino if that’s your tipple of choice!!  Be warned – by the glass is often by the thimble, chateau box ex good old RSA!!   I digress.

Five years ago there was a coup d’état.  A feisty young DJ who had got himself elected Mayor of Tana and was doing a damn fine job of uplifting the mess the Putins’ had left decided to toss the self-made millionaire-come polishitan-president aside, a noble and ideologically just action.  The ousted multi just could not keep his hands off the possessions of the people – the country and its economy.  He had to take it all from them despite sufficient self-gained wealth to support himself and a few generations of family even if they never again lifted a fat finger!!  He even bought 2 presidential planes, two from a kitty that could not afford a hot air balloon!!  Go figure, but then viva Africa, non?  This is the credo of the continent, as well as a few others, we are certainly not unique or alone. 

Anyway our intrepid DJ who was expected to do “for the people by the people”, to quote a polishitan of ancient Rome in the epic Gladiator movie, ended up screwing the people equally badly!!  His band of brothers was not recognised as a legit Govt cos it wasn’t, it was not democratically elected, not even “Madagascar’s got talent”!!  Now, résultât of the aforementioned hiccup, foreign aid and foreign direct investment immediately dried up, taps turned off.  Now if I was a noble crusader and I saw the immediate, negative impact on my people I would get off my ass, call an election, restore legitimacy and get the taps turned back on why because the drought was causing insufferable misery for my people, non?  Non!!!  Not for our noble presidents and polishitans cos they don’t give a polishit about the people, not a drop.  They become inhumane, immediately, with some exceptions but the majority.  Starting to sound familiar?

You see the scenario I am describing, albeit that I am no expert but comment based on conversations, readings, observations and oft wine-fuelled debates, is all too familiar.  Presidents and many polishitans become monsters that devour all in the pursuit of self-enrichment that they somehow believe they are entitled to, they elevate themselves above us mere mortals because we have elected them, to represent our interests mind you, but these interests become the lowest priority issue on our vip’s agenda…they just don’t give a polishit!

I read an article in the Mercury a while back that I think was written by Alistair Sparks and about Chile – if I am wrong on any count in what precedes this statement and succeeds it I apologise and refuse to be held accountable at all, ok?  If I have the completely wrong country I also apologise suffice to say that wherever and whoever you are keep it up.

The article was about their Pres and economy, the impact that their policies were having on growth, the redistribution of wealth and progress in eradication of inequality.  This should sound familiar to all my fellow SA’s and fellow Africans to name but a few.  Then we have the Pres of Uruguay who drives around in his own V-Dub beetle, no company car, no escort, and bodyguards etc, just him.  He donates most of his salary to charity cos he keeps only enough for his needs.  Listen he has a wife and a few kids like most of us I’m sure, not 5-and-21!!!  His job according to the good man himself is to make the lives of his fellow citizens’ better, the reason that they elected him and put their faith and trust in him.  What a man, a hero who hopefully will continue his noble servitude to his people and be remembered for his selflessness, like the Ghandi’s and Madiba’s of our recent times.  These are and were men, they were and are Presidents and shall be remembered for their devotion to their fellow people.

The pretenders of today do not give 1 polishit about you and I, they care not about our suffering and our struggle and yet they claim to represent us because of their “struggle”. The shame!  The excesses, the greed, the lavishness, the opulence that they deem themselves entitled to is at the expense of every hardworking, diligent citizen.  We elect them and we should hold these inhumane people to account.  They are no longer like you and I, mere mortals, they have somehow built themselves tomato boxes that they stand on and from which they look down upon us with utmost disdain.

Here's another thing.  The good ones are oft silent in the face of the rape of the citizens of our countries; if they do not stand to be counted then they deserve no less than the scorn that we pour on polishitans and Nkandla’s N? 1.

You will answer to the people, one day soon.  I have nothing against the ANC but I have plenty against the current leaders of the ANC.  If true leaders were to emerge whose interests were focussed on the people the ANC would get my vote and would get their majority in no time at all!  But then we would not have to worry about the 2/3’s would we?  Right now the mere thought of the current “leadership “with a majority in their greedy clutches is seriously scary!


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