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And there was light - the first day

15 May 2012, 09:11

And there was light-the first day

What I am about to say, is just my understanding of what I read in Genesis, so you might not agree with what I will say, but after I disagreed with you or you with me, won’t it be great if we could still love one another?

1.      Gen. 1:1 “ In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

Period. No time frame is connected to this verse. Someone rightly pointed out the early Hebrew language had no written punctuation as it was only developed much later, so I should not emphasize the period. But I just thought that even a 2 year old uses punctuation when he speaks. They ask questions unendingly, use comma’s as they rest between sentences, use full stops when they finish sentences, shout and uses exclamation marks when they are excited, but will only learn later to write what they speak. So was it with this narration of Genesis whom Moses heard from God. God did use punctuation in His speech, only the Hebrews learned later how to put it onto paper.

In this verse, perhaps 200 billion galaxies each with billions of stars came to be here. Millions of heavenly beings like Angels, Seraphim, living creatures is created here. Where was Angels created? Only in Gen.1:1 could it be. It is a massive job spoken of. As God travels between the billions of stars, fine tuning galaxies, bringing specific order to it, He doesn’t speak of days yet. For between the stars there are no days, only tremendously large stars or lights with vast spaces in between. In this verse God is working in the universe, and is not yet confined to earth, where days count.  

2.      Gen. 1:2  “ And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. ” 

Again no time frame given. Science tells us there was a big bang in the beginning, with everything we see coming from that explosion. Many different preachers have their own idea. Nobody really knows, as it is a historic mystery. None of us were there, and we can only speculate. Rev, W. Branham saw it this way:  

“ 38       †        Now, that was this earth come into existence, just a big old piece of cinder flew off out yonder. Down beneath it now is nothing but a turning, burning volcano, completely; the eruptions come everywhere, volcanic. And science claims that--that this world is, the crust on top of it, where we live, is just about like the peeling on an apple. And all the... Now, there's twenty-five thousand miles around, it's probably eight thousand miles that'd be approximately eight thousand miles thick. And just think, of in there, it's a burning volcanic. [ Quoted from: Questions and Answers on Genesis preached Jeffersonville Indiana 1953-07-29  by W. M. Branham]

A burning missile broken from the original heavenly mass as it came to be in verse 1 , cooling down for perhaps millions of years, till it is dark and void, far from any light! There can also at this stage not be talked of days as there is no light to make days-only darkness. During this period earth is nothing but a sad case. No Light on it, no life is possible, no Dinosaurs or dragons as the ancients called them could run around it. It has potential, but it needs a Master builder to bring out that potential.  

        Gen1:3 “ And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. 1:3  †  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

After all that time of God fine tuning other galaxies and working on other places in our Milky Way galaxy, God finally visits earth, give it attention, and see it’s darkness.  He sees the sad state of it’s condition, but He also sees potential! That’s my God! In every piece of useless junk He sees potential. What did earth need to host life? LIGHT. Where was it that it had no light? Don’t know-maybe as far as Pluto or further from any sunlight, hurling through space without purpose. At this time God says:  “Let there be light”   

Now my dear reader, He doesn’t want to create stars now. He already done that in verse one! Heaven is already full of stars created along side earth in verse 1. The purpose for saying “ let there be light is NOT to create stars”, but merely to bring light to DARK earth. And that is again a tremendous task. You either move earth to light, or light to earth, whichever is easier.

I think God moved earth to sunlight to have what He said. I once watched a program about what they called Mega Movers. I’d like to think of that right now. It’s now that the real Mega planet moving God starts with a mega movement. Why earth? It’s the chosen ! Out of all the dark planetary missiles of the universe, this is the one. It’s on this one that God sees a home of the humans, birds, animals and plants He had in mind. It’s on this earth where God wants to dwell with His people. Earth -you are so special!

And this is what God done for you dear Christian. They way God dealt with the earth, is the very same way He deals with you. Your forefather was created by God, in the image of God, but then you as they did wandered away! Inside of you, you thought you would make it on your own. You left behind all your Christian upbringing. You were young, ambitious, and full of great plans for the future. The fire of your youth consumed you, like volcanoes from within. You had fiery passions and recklessly went about going further and further from your original source of light [God] just like earth. But then you cooled down as life began to knock you out. You fell into addictions which began to rule you.

It was then that society kicked you out as useless junk. People began to despise you, for your inabilities to control your addictions, and to control your character. You were nothing but a bad habit junky, a bad behaviour addict, a shameful creature to be around. You’ve though of suicide many times. Perhaps even your children didn’t want to have much to do with you, for you had became dark and void. Void of any light, unable to sustain any kind of live.

It was then that the Spirit of God visited you. He saw potential in you others could not see. And then He said: Let there be light! And then He began to move you towards light! That was a MEGA MOVE, because you resisted the light. He wanted to move you to become eternal, but you had other plans. You shot down any thought about the Bible. When people came to invite you to church you thought of every excuse not to go! God had a hard time moving you, but yet His Spirit kept on hovering over you. Finally one day you turned on the radio.

There was that preacher describing your life and your miserable state. Something shined over you! It was as if the man was speaking directly to you. When he said he wanted to pray for you confessed your sin. From that day you realized what you were made for! I never thought church could be so nice! From that day His light came over me, I was back home where I belong like the prodigal son. Maybe you heard a sermon, or read a book, or talked to someone, but there was that special day the light of the gospel shined over you the first time.  

You are so special! To the Christian I say: Please allow God to finish what He has began. And to those who did not yet come I say: Please listen to those thoughts telling about the light. Stop resisting the Spirit of God calling you to the light. You can never blot out God! Just as a little bird cannot destroy the sun, you cannot destroy the word of God. Don’t fight it, use it’s light to fly in. But for those who allowed God to move them there was light. For the first time you could actually discern between darkness [sin] and light [truth]. And this is what happened to earth on that first day. For the first time 24 hour periods of light and darkness began to shine over it as it was spinning in the presence of sunlight.  

Gen. 1:4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. 5  And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the  morning were the first day.

Watch the sequence here. 

1. Gen.1:1 Creation of the Universe. [Timeless] 2. Gen.1:2 Earth cools down and accumulate water, and become dark. [Timeless] 3. Gen.1:3 God visits earth and God says: Let there be light-so life could begin to become possible. God moves earth to light. From this point on days become an issue. Day 1 job is finished-that old dark sinner is now ready to begin hosting life!    

See where the first days begin? In verse 4, earth see it’s first morning as it spins in the light of the SUN. Up until this point it only knew darkness. For 12 hours every day, earth now had light.  

Now let me say this with deep respect. There are some very lovely scientists [young earth creationists] who believe God created everything in six days. These are some of the finest people you will ever find in the world. I like them very much and read much of the great work they have done to defend Genesis. I think they done a very fine job, but I just disagree with them on this small point here, between Gen.1:1-2.  I believe the first 2 verses is timeless, with time only mentioned from the 3 verse on, when God moved earth to light. I believe in young life, but the universe could be as old other scientist says it is, I don’t know.

But Dinosaurs running around here millions of years ago? Not a chance, and here I agree with young earth believers. Earth was a useless forgotten dark missile till that first day. It was just as useless as I was when I was dark and void in the world, slobbering around without purpose.

I had only dark days of sin and purposeless parties, smoking and drinking, as if I wanted to kill my body as fast as I can. Then came the day when God’s gospel light fell upon me, and from that day I been receiving more and more life! Oh! If I continue to remain in His hands, I will become eternal home of the Spirit of God just like earth. I will even become an astronaut just like God. Enoch walked with God 365 years, and became an astronaut! So did Elijah in a much shorter time. Jesus walked this earth just over 30 years and became the God in flesh astronaut. Keep on walking with God Christian friend, the future looks good! II Thes. 4:16-17 says you will become one too.

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