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Escape from the tyranny of religion

06 August 2013, 07:56

Escape from the tyranny of religion. 

Pretending adds spice to life and using your imagination is one of the greatest assets that a human has. It is no coincidence that man is known as the “thinking ape” - most if not all innovations, inventions, business and religious ideas, gods etc have their beginning in someone’s fertile imagination/mind.  

A good education should teach people to think. But Christians have a problem with thinking when it clashes with their faith and they will always value faith over reason. So it is not surprising that in debates with evangelical Christians on My News24 one will always hear them mentioning that it is better to “walk by faith, then by sight”.  

It is better to claim (hope, imagine) you have something by a positive faith confession (wishful thinking) with great assurance (misplaced trust) before you actually (delusional) have it in reality. Of course this is scriptural and is quoted from the Apostle Paul who lived in a superstitious age where nothing was understood about the real world. 

The Apostle Paul describes this kind of Christian faith in Hebrews 11:1 "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." What is meant by "substance of things hoped for" and "evidence of things not seen"?  Can such a thing as 'substance' originating from hope actually exist? 

Let’s answer that question by asking another “can consciousness create, modify, or manipulate reality. Of course not; it is impossible, for consciousness is merely an awareness of existence. As Ayn Rand explains in "For The New Intellectual" p.124 

"If nothing exists, there can be no consciousness: a consciousness with nothing to be conscious of but itself is a contradiction in terms: before it could identify itself as consciousness, it had to be conscious of something.” 

Thus Rand's great insight, that frees the minds of humanity from the tyranny of Christianity, and indeed all religion, is that: 

 "Existence exists”. 

We have concrete evidence from the law of Conservation of Mass-Energy that existing things cannot be 'created', for nothing comes from nothing; something cannot come from nothing.  Matter and energy may change form, but new matter does not suddenly appear from nothing as is affirmed by Christianity. (Creation) 

There is no living thing that has been created. A pregnant woman is referred to as "eating for two" when she takes her meals. It is as if she has a parasite in her. The nutrients she consumes are used both for her body, and for the body growing and being manufactured within her. No organism that ever lived, is living, or ever will live was, is, or will be created. 

That is why in Christian divine healing crusades no one has ever seen or experienced a amputees new limb “poofed” into existence in a split second despite the proclaimed presence in their midst of the caring, loving, mighty healer from Nazareth and the great childlike faith and unashamed fanatical belief exercised in him that would dwarf the proverbial mustard seed. 

The notion of; 'hope' springing forth into 'substance' makes no sense what so ever in a post  Newton, Copernicus, Darwin, Space Age world and can only find meaning in religious thinkers willingly bound and indoctrinated by superstitious ideas sourced from contentious, obsolete, contradictory, error ridden Holy Scripture.  

Unfortunately “God believers by faith” have been infected by the religious God virus (meme) which has inoculated them against reason; therefore no rational person can take them seriously in anything they may bring forth. It is hatched somewhere in their mind or the NT writers minds. Some call it the “inner witness of the Holy Spirit”. 

But in reality so called knowledge that springs forth out of intuition, instinct, divine revelation or any way of “just knowing” something is in the realm of mysticism. The never ending ideas, teachings and doctrines Christians get in Church and from reading the Bible fools them into thinking that they have “knowledge”. But what they have in essence is not knowledge but mysticism. 

Real knowledge means "acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles." Fact means "something that actually exists; reality; truth." Truth means "actual state of a matter or conformity with reality." 

In the supernatural world view, there is no uniformity of nature, no Law of Identity, no Causality, and hence no reality. Christianity asserts what we all perceive as existence is simply the imagination of its "God". That which is imaginary is not real. 

Without reality, there can be no facts, no conformity with reality, and hence no truth to study or derive knowledge from. Under supernaturalism, scholarship, like all else, is an illusion. Only under naturalism can reality be ascertained for what it actually entails. Thus only naturalistic learners and studiers can engage in actual scholarship. 

Never the less Christians unperturbed by truth and reality march boldly on their chosen path of self deception and pretence that they should be called the great pretenders: pretending that Jesus will come back again one day to whisk them off to glory land when he is two thousand years over due, pretending that they are healed when they are not, pretending that there is a loving and caring Fatherly God when there is not, pretending they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ an invisible being (ghost), when that is impossible. 

They believe with out having seen real proof and think that blind faith which allows them to escape from realty is a virtue to be cherished when it is nothing but childish wishful thinking and should be discarded. 

There is no real proof of heaven, hell, God, healings, resurrection, second coming, devil, demons, ghosts etc or that Jesus is even alive- but that does not bother them as they would rather believe “IN” fantasy and myths then accept reality. Sadly they have yet to discover that faith and reason are totally incompatible. There is no room in reason for faith, and there is no room in faith for reason. They are diametrically opposed. 

Reason is the faculty by which man identifies and integrates the material provided by or ultimately provided by his senses. Its method is called logic, which is the art of non-contradictory identification. 

"Reason integrates man's perceptions by means of forming abstractions or conceptions," wrote Ayn Rand in "Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World"; she continued: "thus raising man's knowledge from the perceptual level, which he shares with animals, to the conceptual level, which he alone can reach. The method which reason employs in this process is logic—and logic is the art of non-contradictory identification." 

She defined: "Reason is the perception of reality, and rests on a single axiom: the Law of Identity. - "Philosophy: Who Needs It" p.62. Reasoning is validated by observing that knowledge is derived from conceptions and that conceptions, in turn, are derived from perception. Actual measurable concrete observed existents related by valid logic lead to objective recognition of the facts of reality. 

Mysticism, however, is the acceptance of allegations without evidence, against one's own reasoning, often despite the presence of evidence to the contrary. Its method is called FAITH, which is a short-circuit and abrogation of the mind. It is the numbing of one's own perception of existence and ultimately the rejection of one's own right to live. 

Mysticism is the claim to the perception of some other reality—other than the one in which we live—whose definition is only that it is not natural, it is supernatural, and is to be perceived by some form of unnatural or supernatural means." – Ayn Rand, (ibid p.62) 

If evidence is available to support a claim, then a validating appeal to reason alleviates need for faith, then there is no need to dispense with the requirement of evidence in order to accept the claim as true. Exclusively, if there is no evidence in support of a claim and acceptance of the claim as justified knowledge is desired, then only by dismissing the requirement for evidential support, and accepting the claim in spite of the lack of evidence by "faith" can the claim be accorded truth status. 

Essentially, the process of believing by "faith" is a method of self-deceit. The Christian depends on a mystical epistemology of "faith". However, the Christian would, if there were evidence to support her claim that 'God exists', have no need to appeal to faith. She could appeal to reason, and since reason is a method based on perceptually ascertaining reality, her knowledge would be validated. 

Faith would then necessarily be a fallacy. Therefore if one needs faith to believe in God, because of lack of substantiated evidence God-belief remains the domain of the great pretenders. The time to escape from the tyranny of religion is now before you waste your whole life on mysticism. 


 Ayn Rand and Robert Bumbalough

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