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The Truth can be known – A Case for God, Jesus and the Bible Part 1.

15 May 2012, 12:02
We have read some really fantastic articles lately for the existence of God and also a lot of counter claims proposing a natural cause and others asking questions like… “Ok so if a god which one is it then?” I’m going to take a different route with this article and I will break it into 5 parts mainly because the topic is so huge that a single article will never be enough to convey the intended message. This article will deal with the question; Does God exist? I made the mistake of quoting from the Bible in my first article and that in itself caused a storm because, I was accused of being biased and a liar for Jesus. This time I will quote Richard Dawkins and none of the material for this intended article will even need a bible.
Test all things; always check your ideas against the facts, and be ready to discard even a cherished belief if it does not conform to them. – Richard Dawkins the seventh command of The God Delusion.
Truth about reality is knowable & The opposite of true is false
Despite the fact that relativism has taken hold of our culture truth is absolute, exclusive and knowable. To deny absolute truth is self-defeating. Here is an example; “You can’t know truth!” How do you even know that truth cannot be known? Any statement made that is un-affirmable because it contradicts itself is false. No matter how much you would like to do so but truth is not dependant on your feelings, something is true whether we like it or. Many people think that the major world religions teach the same thing but here is a fact: They have essential differences and only superficial agreements. All religions cannot be true because they teach fundamental opposites. It becomes logical then that since all religions cannot be true we cannot realistically subscribe to the new definition of tolerance that we accept the impossible idea that all religious beliefs are true. If we truly love our fellow man we will tell them the absolute truth about the information we have because there may be eternal consequences! 
All people get their beliefs from their parents, culture friends and sometimes even from their own feelings. While such beliefs could be true it is entirely possible that they are not. The only way to be reasonably certain is to test our beliefs by the evidence. This is done by using philosophical principles including those found in logic and science. Many truths about God can be known by His effects which we can observe through observations we can then draw reasonable conclusions about the existence and nature of God.
It is true that a theistic God exists this is evidenced by the;
Beginning Of the Universe:
Everything that begins to exist has a cause the universe began to exist Therefore the universe has a cause.This is a valid argument but is it true?  Everything that has a beginning has a cause; this is the law of causality which is the fundamental principle of science! Without this law science is impossible, in fact Francis Bacon, the father of modern science said “True knowledge is knowledge by causes” so what does this mean? It’s really simple, science is a search for causes and that’s what scientists’ do they try and discover what caused what (Yes it really is that easy so an argument that science is complicated or you don’t understand it is self-defeating and false!). There is nothing in this universe that does not happen without a cause even the great David Hume could not deny the law of Causality. When you deny the law of causality you deny rationality. The very process of rational thinking requires us to put together thoughts (the causes) that result in conclusions (the effects). Since this law is well established and undeniable the first premise that everything that begins to exist has a cause is true. The second premise the universe had a beginning is simple we have enough sound evidence to say this is true and science has observed the following for the sake of this article I’ll only show the evidence by their scientific principles I encourage you the reader to learn and understand the different observations and evidence yourself. The evidence is as follows;
a) The second law of Thermodynamics.b) The Universe is expanding.c) Radiation from the Big Bang. d) Great Galaxy seeds.e) Einstein’s Theory of relativity. 
This means that premise two the universe had a beginning is in fact also true, if the universe has been eternal there would not have been a need for a cause and this argument would collapse as false. So I know what you are thinking… who or what made it?Here is the deal; we know that this is a space-time universe and it is clear that the beginner is outside of this space time universe. Just to prove my point on the law of Causality and how serious we are about it, the fact that you even ask so who or what didit tells you how important this law is to us. Why am I harping on this you ask? People misunderstand the premise everything that begins to exist has a cause; the law does not say “everything” but everything that comes to be (begins to) needs a cause. The beginner is unmade and has no cause an eternal being or process needs no cause. If the universe was eternal it would not have required a beginner but since the evidence shows the universe did in fact begin to exist a finite time ago we really are left with only one option – something outside the universe is eternal. When you get down to this and logically think about it there really is only two possible options for anything to exists at all; a) It has always existed and is therefore uncaused  b) It had a beginning and was caused by something else. So what do we understand about this beginner? Well it’s evident that it is self-existent, non-spatial and immaterial. We also conclude that the beginner must be outside time, space and matter in other words without limits or infinite. The beginner must be unimaginably powerful to have created the entire universe from nothing, supremely intelligent to have designed a universe with incredible precision and lastly also personal because why choose to convert a state of nothingness into the space-time-material universe? An impersonal force has no ability to make choices as we have observed with the law of causality (Yes I’m harping on this!). These characteristics of the beginner are exactly what theists describe as God, This is not based on any religion or subjective experience but drawn from the scientific evidence we briefly touched on. Premise 3 then the universe has a cause is also true.
So this leaves us with the following question if there is no God why is there something rather than nothing?  This is a question every human being should ask and research. In light of all the evidence are again only left with two options a) Either no one created something out of nothing b) Someone created something out of nothing. Which view is more reasonable? a) Nothing from nothing?  b) Something from God?
Notice we have used the law of causality and did some very reasonable inductions by observing the evidence then we did some deductions with our conclusions. In part 2 of the 5 part series I will deal with more evidence in the form of the Anthropic principle, the design of life argument and the moral law argument. As always dear reader it’s been fun, I hope you enjoyed this read as much as I had the pleasure of compiling it. Until then test everything!
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