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The Truth of Genesis: The Idiocy of Atheism and the Clergy!

14 October 2013, 11:01
What is idiocy?   It is defined as something usually offensive, extreme mental retardation,  or something notably stupid or foolish. What is Atheism?  Atheism is a religion of denial, having a disbelief in the existence of a Deity, and that there is nothing greater than “self”.

What is the practice of Atheism?  It is the interference of others in their recognition of a Deity.  Whenever idiots (Atheists) file a claim or grievance against prayer or any public recognition of a Deity, or object to any display of anything Biblical, they are practicing Atheism.

The following also includes the “dupes” that call themselves Agnostics.  What is an Agnostic?  It’s a person who holds the view that any ultimate reality (such as God) is unknown and probably unknowable.  Also, it is a person who is not committed to believing in either the existence, or the nonexistence, of any Deity.

When evolutionists try to defend the non-sense of evolution, they often say that there are “mountains of evidence” that support their claims.  However, their “so called” evidence hardly amounts to a molehill, and has a different, more realistic explanation…, and I’m not talking about the irrelevant flood of Noah, as far as the fossil record is concerned.

There are two mountains in Saudi Arabia, called Mt. Sinai, and Mt. Horeb.  The local people call it Jebel el Lawz.  Pagan gentiles made the foolish mistake of trying to declare that Mt. Sinai was in the Sinai Peninsula.  When you look up “Mt. Sinai” on the internet, you will see that it says “a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt that is the traditional and most accepted identification of the biblical Mount Sinai”.  That is a big joke, and an example of gentile dishonesty and ignorance.  The Bible says that Mt. Sinai is in the land of Midian.

Mt. Sinai, and its sister mountain Mt. Horeb, were  discovered in January of 1984 in Saudi Arabia by a man named Ron Wyatt, and his two sons.  Instead of me just telling you this, please go to the following site:  There IS NO
EXCUSE any longer for such stupidity of Atheism and Agnosticism.  Even the Saudi government is afraid to make the site public, and has tried to keep people out, because it is a severe threat to the credibility of Islam, because Israel has “real” proof of their God and history, as written in the scriptures, yet the pagan religion of Islam has no such thing.

You can add to that, the discovery of Noah’s Ark, in September of 1960.  In February of 1987, it was the official decision of members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of Internal Affairs (in Turkey), and researchers from Ataturk University, among others, that the "boat-
shaped formation" did indeed contain the remains of Noah's Ark! If you want to read the whole story, go to this site:

A few days before writing this article, I wrote “The Truth of Genesis: A Warning To Mankind -  Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9”.  More and more, I’m thinking that (if the barley is Aviv in March) in July 2014 or 2015, that the Ark of the Covenant will be shown to the public.  Yes,
the Ark was discovered in January of 1982, at 2 PM.  Why hasn’t the world of Theology proclaimed this throughout America?  Is it jealousy, because it wasn’t found by someone of their particular denomination?  Stay tuned. The exposure of the Clergy is coming right up.

For you that don’t read the Bible, and don’t know the history of Israel, every year a Levite priest was to sprinkle blood from a sacrificial lamb on the “East” side of the Ark, for forgiveness of sins for the people for one year.  In about 587 BC, when Babylon was about to invade the city of Jerusalem, the prophet Jeremiah hid the Ark and other “artifacts” through an underground cave system to the base of Golgotha Hill.  It was upon this hill where the Lord
Jesus (Yeshua, the Messiah) was crucified the day before Passover, in (I think) 24 AD.

If you read the narrative in the gospel of Matthew 27:51, it says: “And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;”.  The earthquake caused a two-inch crack in the hill, running from behind and to the cross, and down into the earth for about 22 feet of rock to the top of the chamber where the prophet had hidden the Ark, more than 600 years earlier.  When the Roman soldier took a spear and impaled Jesus through His side, into His main heart artery, the blood came streaming down the cross, into the crack, and flowing down upon the “West” side of the Ark.  This was for permanent forgiveness of sins, for all mankind, if applied correctly.         

Therefore, if an Atheist or Agnostic idiot, wants to risk eternal torment, just because they don’t have the intelligence to first seek and examine the truth, they deserve what they get.  They may chuckle now, but come Judgment Day, they won’t be laughing.  They will “wish to God” that they had taken the time to examine all available data, rather than to be blindly led by the lies of Satan.  When the dried blood was moisturized with distilled water and analyzed, it was found to be human blood with 23 chromosomes…, not 46, because Mary (Miriam) was the only human parent of Jesus.  His “Y” chromosome came from Yahweh.  Non-believing Jews did the test in Israel, and normal dried blood cannot yield a chromosome count. 

Now, let’s turn to the Clergymen of America.  What a bunch of hypocrites!!  I am persuaded that about a third of the Clergy are just “infidels preaching from the pulpit”.  Most don’t believe the Word of God.  “By their fruits you shall know them”.  Why are they not preaching loud and
often against adultery and homosexuality?  When it became evident that President Obama was a liar, and supported same sex marriage, where was the outcry to remove him from office?  Why are there “so called” Christians supporting the ungodly agenda of the Democratic Party?

Just as there has been relatively recent discoveries of the remains of Sodom & Gomorrah, the real Mt. Sinai, and the Ark of the Covenant, the truth of Genesis chapter one was discovered in December 1993, during the “Feast of Lights”.  The “Observations of Moses” prove that what Moses wrote was the literal truth of the origins of mankind (all six advents), and complete reconciliation with the 4+ billion year geologic history of Earth.

It’s been nearly twenty years, since the understanding was given.  But what has the Clergy done?  From the ungodly Pope, the Bishops of Westminster and Canterbury, head rabbis of  Judaism, on down to the corner non-denominational church, all of the 11,000+ Clergymen
that I have contacted, would rather let their congregations die in ignorance, rather than to allow them to learn truth of Genesis.  Why would they not want to remove the major
stumbling block that hinders many from believing the Bible?  Come Judgment Day, they are going to pay.  Of the 2,100+ emails I’ve sent to seminaries and Bible colleges, where Clergymen learn their false doctrines, their only response is “take me off your email list”.

“Young Earth” Creationism is a (bad) joke, and denies scientific reality.  “Old Earth” Creationism is a clumsy compromise that rejects literal interpretation of scripture, calling God a liar.  Intelligent Design is inept, and fails to convey the truth about Genesis, the fossil record, and the rise and decline of prehistoric mankind. The “Observations of Moses” is the only correct rendition of Genesis chapter one, which reveals the past history of Earth, our universe, and of mankind.

The Clergy has joined sides with ungodly school boards across America, in keeping the truth of our origins away from parishioners and students, keeping the hoax of “evolution” entrenched without a valid opposing view being offered.  Any Clergyman that knowingly refuses to teach the truth, when they had the opportunity to do so, is unfit for the Kingdom of God, and will pay, come Judgment Day.  If you don’t want to teach the truth, leave the pulpit!!

Please believe me.  Most of you that call yourselves Christians, are not, and follow not the whole truth.  The End of Days is coming near.  When Jesus comes for His saints, you will discover that you are yet in your sins.  If you want to start learning the truth, let your Clergyman know that you want to know what the truth of scripture is, and not the false traditions, and inherited lies of men.  God’s Word is true, from Genesis through Revelations.
The only inconsistencies are those which were made when the original manuscripts were not copied correctly, or intentional changed, such as Matthew 28:19, perhaps during the reign of Constantine, and pagan (false) Christianity was established.

Herman Cummings
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