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The infallible word of prophecy

03 September 2013, 07:33

“Uncertainty in national, uncertainty in jobs, uncertainty in home, uncertainty sounds in politics, uncertain sounds in churches... Well, even life itself is uncertain. We don't know when we're going. But there's one thing sure, we know we have to go.  As the old slogan is, "There's two things that's sure. That's taxes and death." And you're going to meet both of them, so, why not prepare for it? That's right.”[From -The uncertain sound -W. M. Branham 61-0429e ]

I looked at a YouTube video called “Last days on Earth” [] the other day where scientists discussed the uncertain future and listed 7 things that could end life as we know it here on earth. The first 4 could easily be dismissed as having a low possibility to happen, but the top 3 was is a cause of concern. It was listed as: 1 Global warming, 2 biological warfare, and 3 nuclear warfare.  According to the commentators of the video, it is only a matter of time before one of them changes life on earth forever. One of the commentators, Prof. Stephen Hawking singled out aggression as a trigger that could lead to fatal consequences and said this: “Up to now, aggression has been an attribute with definite survival advantages. Now, however, it may destroy us all by nuclear or biological war, if we cannot control our instinct by our reason.”   

With these threats looming over us, we need something reliable which can look into the future and tell us what will be. Personally, I have found that source in the Bible. Now the Book of Daniel especially chapter 11 is all about that trigger -aggression. Since the chapter was written 536 BC, it accurately prophesied war upon war, and this trend continues up until a final end even telling who will cause the final problems. I have been writing on the Book of Daniel for some time now, so I could show the reader the reliability of Bible prophecy and will continue with another portion today. To see previous accurate prophecy of chapter 11, click on “Archibald” and update yourself.

Our last verse discussed said about Ptolemy Philopator: “ DANIEL 11:12 And when he hath taken away the multitude, his heart shall be lifted up; and he shall cast down many ten thousands: but he shall not be strengthened by it.”

As we had it, that came to pass after the war of Raphia [217 BC] when Philopator received a new title as “a god” in human flesh. His Egyptian troops which helped gave him the victory at Raphia immediately after the war revolted, and civil war broke out in Egypt that lasted for 20 years. That war wrecked the country as he had to cast down tens of thousands of Egyptians to quell the rebellion, in which he miserably failed. He was indeed not strengthened by that civil war in which rebel Egyptian forces finally succeeded to cede Upper Egypt from the Philopator and then they went on to chose their own Pharaoh there. That brought to pass those Scriptures exactly even to the dot, as the South was now a divided nation, truly as strong as they would have liked to be.

In 205 BC Ptolemy IV Philopator died and left his minor 5 year old son Ptolemy V, with the task to deal with the troubles of the South. The wicked friends Philopator encircled himself with like Sosibius, Agathocles and the latter’s sister, who was also the mistress of Philopator, now conspired and killed Philopator’s wife Arsinoe III, the mother of his son within a year of his death, to have full control over his minor son.

But even the plotting in the royal court was not the worst of the problems of Egypt. While the Egyptian courtiers plotted for self interest at the death of Philopator, Macedonia and Syria [the north] still emotionally hurt from the scars Philopator inflicted at Raphia, were now plotting a renewed attack on Egypt exactly as the next verse said they would.

“ DANIEL 11:13  For the king of the north shall return, and shall set forth a multitude greater than the former, and shall certainly come after certain years with a great army and with much riches. 14  And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south:...”

There was the prophecy-loud and clear to the house of the Ptolemies in the South to read. Get ready again. The king of the North is coming after a few years. And we notice he would come with: 

1. with a multitude greater than the former .

2. after certain years

3. a great army and with much riches.

4. Many shall stand up against the king of the south

The new boy king of the South was given all the necessary information to prepare. But I don’t think they read the Bible-although it was available from his very own slaves called Jews-in Palestine- which was under direct control of the king of the South/Egypt. Strange-the Babylonians had Daniel as a slave yet failed to give ear to his warnings. That very slave of Babylon prophesied their downfall [Dan 8:20] 11 years beforehand and said the Medes and Persians would cause it. They didn’t even have to buy his books, as they could simply take it from the hands of the slave, but then we found out Babylon fell while they had a prophet in their midst. And here is the sadness. Prophecy will always come to pass because the “intelligent minds” of the day, always reject it, no matter how accurate it proves itself.

Daniel 11prophesied the coming war for Ptolemy V the boy king of Egypt, 331 years before he came to the throne. Empires came and fell, exactly as Daniel said they would, but none of the four world empires he prophesied would come, seemed to have had time to read his prophesies. How much consideration do you give Daniel?

Bible intelligence could have told Ptolemy V, the boy king what to expect from his foe in the north. If only his advisers would have given attention to it, they could have said: “ We better prepare a great army ourselves great king, because it is written here they will come with a greater force then what your father faced at Raphia. We have enough time to do it as it says here they will come after a certain amount of years. We should also instruct our intelligence department to send out some agents to the north just so we can know exactly when they will come and where they will get the money from to fund the war. We read here they will come with great riches. We also read here he might not be alone, as it says many shall stand up against you Oh great king.” 

Did it happen? Could Ptolemy V and his advisers have trusted the Bible to be correct intelligence if they by chance would have read it? Did Antiochus III gather a greater force then before? Did he gain riches to fund his coming war? And did he finally again declared war on the South? And was there more than one foe who stood up against the south? We know the south already had civil war and terrible intrigues in the palace itself, but was there more foes coming? I now quote history on Antiochus III:

“ After the Syrian war, he proceeded against the rebel Achaeus. In alliance with Attalus I of Pergamum, Antiochus captured Achaeus in 213 in his capital, Sardis, and had him executed in a barbaric manner. After the pacification of Asia Minor he entered upon his later to be famous eastward campaign (212–205), pressing forward as far as India. In 212 he gave his sister Antiochis in marriage to King Xerxes of Armenia, who acknowledged his suzerainty and paid him tribute.

He occupied Hecatompylos (southeast of the Caspian Sea), the capital of the Parthian king Arsaces III, and forced him to enter into an alliance in 209 and the following year defeated Euthydemus of Bactria, though he allowed him to continue to rule and retain his royal title. In 206 he marched across the Hindu Kush into the Kabul Valley and renewed a friendship with the Indian king Sophagasenos.Returning westward via the Iranian provinces of Arachosia, Drangiana, and Carmania, he arrived in Persis in 205 and received tribute of 500 talents of silver from the citizens of Gerrha, a mercantile state on the east coast of the Persian Gulf.

Having established a magnificent system of vassal states in the East, Antiochus now adopted the ancient Achaemenid title of “great king,” and the Greeks, comparing him to Alexander the Great, surnamed him also “the Great. After the death of Ptolemy IV [Philopator], Antiochus concluded a secret treaty with Philip V, ruler of the Hellenistic kingdom of Macedonia, in which the two plotted the division of the Ptolemaic empire outside Egypt. Antiochus' share was to be southern Syria, Lycia, Cilicia, and Cyprus; Philip was to have western Asia Minor and the Cyclades.” [Britannica on Antiochus III]

Now a good agent could have come back to Ptolemy V and told him: “ Sir its true. As a Greek mercenary I was able to infiltrate his army and found this out.  Antiochus invaded India and conquered much. He also has a lot of money just like the Scripture says there. In just one place Gerrha, he received 500 talents of silver. [ One Greek talent was 25,5 kg, so 500 talents weight about 12 750 kg].- He also signed a secret pact with the Macedonian Greeks against you, and they plan to attack together, dividing the spoil. Great king-they are coming. There is more than one foe coming great king.” 

History now speaks on the consequences of the plot against Egypt 5 years after the boy king came to power:

Antiochus invaded Coele Syria, defeated the Ptolemaic general Scopas at Panion near the source of the Jordan River in the year 200, gained control of Palestine, and granted special rights to the Jewish temple state. But Philip, marching along the Dardanelles, became involved in a war with Rhodes and Pergamum, both of whom appealed to Rome for help against Macedonia, informing Rome of the alliance between the two Hellenistic kings.

Rome intervened decisively in the system of Hellenistic states. Philip was defeated by the Romans in the Second Macedonian War (200–196), and Antiochus refused to help him. Instead, taking advantage of the Romans' involvement with Philip, Antiochus marched against Egypt. Though the Romans had sent ambassadors to Ptolemy V, they could not lend him any serious assistance. When peace was concluded in 195, Antiochus came permanently into possession of southern Syria—which had been fought over for 100 years by the Ptolemies and Seleucids—and of the Egyptian territories in Asia Minor. He also gave his daughter Cleopatra in marriage to Ptolemy V. Egypt practically became a Seleucid protectorate.” [Encyclopedia Britannica]

Did you notice the entry of the then international policeman of the ancient world- Rome? While they intervened to the benefit of Ptolemy V the boy king, they kind of had other ideas in mind for themselves. And thus came to pass another excellent prophecy. There was Eyes that could see the future during the reign of Ptolemy V the boy king, and those eyes wrote up His prophetic gift in a very sure way. Thus there is one thing certain:

“ Uncertainty of life, uncertainty of church, so much uncertain... Then you say, "Brother Branham, you're sure taking us out on a limb. Is there anything that is certain?" I could stand here and read off a list of things here that is uncertain. Nation's uncertain. Uncertain sound, who knows what to do? Jobs, politics is uncertain; church is uncertain; home life is uncertain. What is certain? Is there anything that's certain? Yes, there's one thing I'll guarantee you is certain. That's the Word of God. That's right.”

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