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You modern men are an insult to masculinity!

04 December 2013, 12:27

Many a modern man has succumbed to Stockholm syndrome and allows himself to be oppressed by a small portion of neurotic women who pretend to represent the entire female gender.

Most men are desperate creatures of need and habit. Their sexual urges overpower their reason and they often become the next skinned and salted corpse lying motionless in the aftermath of the femnazi movement.

I have mostly academic experience with the feminist movement. I doubt that feminism needs much of an introduction, but I’ll details some personal observations I’ve had of the authentic femnazi that is now so common in the metropolitan landscape of western society.

Back when I was in South Africa, it became a regular thing, bumping into some proud, pompous, arrogant, loud-mouthed female executive who just cannot stop reminding everyone how little she needs from men and how much she has taken from those men who dared to seek her affections.

These femnazis would brag about how they can get sex whenever they wanted, and on their terms, too, just by sitting on a barstool in a pub and looking bored for a while (until some desperate penis-dangler gave in to his weaker nature). These femnazis would boast how their salaries surpass those of their male colleagues, and how they colluded with other ‘strong women’ to help drive out that annoying, nerdish girl from the office or curtail her promotion—fortifying their positions on the corporate ladder. These femnazis would spend their free time chugging down expensive alcoholic drinks, cackling away as a coven of witches croaking out an overbearing cursing that will torture some poor, unfortunate penis-stricken human or woman who does not share the femnazi’s bloodthirsty nature.

Of particular interest were the femnazi’s many divorce stories (uttered in public, to spread the word of their courtroom conquests). “I did not get even, I got everything hahaha!” one would shriek. “He now follows my every command, down to what shoes to wear and what diet to follow, or I forbid him from seeing his children,” another boasts. Yet a third exclaims, “Last I hear the bastard is living with that pathetic ‘best friend’ of his and catches a bus to work, because I now have the house and the cars.”

It bars saying but I resolved to retain my virginity and my bachelor status while I remained in the west. I had no interest in becoming the next up-and-coming male to be slain by a pack of these rabid, pill-popping, lawsuit / divorce-threatening, dick-hating metropolitan jezebels who are always red-faced and shrieking in anger.

These femnazis are absolutely convinced that the problem lies with the rest of the planet, not them, and this whole culture of appeasing the unruly, uncontrollable, insatiable, and unreasonable bitch is the doing of lax laws and cultural suggestion that allow women today to get away with practically anything, provided they can claim that their historical counterparts were oppressed by barbaric men and an indifferent society. (Actually religion is and was the greatest oppressor of women, but, hey, someone has to pay, namely, men—the historical image of religious authority— and all gentle, reasonable women who love their husbands and sons.)

Today, a whimpering woman in a western courtroom always gets a better deal than the scruffy-faced penis dangler guilty of the same crime in the courtroom next door. This is a fact you can see in the statistics of every western country on the planet. Women are never blamed entirely for their transgressions; therefore, women are never fully punished for them, either. In the light of this legal discrepancy, the modern feminist movement has emboldened its efforts to topple over the rule of law and substitute their own law, with one primary rule: the penis and its wearer are PURE EVIL!

Then there’s the religious notion that women are the weaker sex, tempered into our daily lives by the fervor with which some men seek divine approval. This has resulted in (as George Carlin one said) the pussification of the modern man, who complies with this radical notion that men must become human tampons, ready to soak up whatever emotional excess the modern frustrated woman expels, for she is the weaker sex and erraticism is in her nature. Religiously inclined men are utterly convinced that women are the weaker sex and that all punishments designated for them should be diminished as a result. Our entire system of law operates on this stupid, discriminatory principle!

I call the weak men who suck up to the feminist movement in this way a more suitable name: fools! These fools have allowed themselves to become sacrificial offerings for the femnazi movement. Every time one of these  pathetic little mother-pleasing ‘men’ keel over, exposing their soft belly to be slaughtered by their disgruntled ex-wife and her eager companion, the law (usually effected by her male lawyer and a male judge), it is a blow to the rights and freedoms of all men.

And so the feminist movement has the red carpet (stained crimson by the blood of its victims) rolled out in front of its feet as it wins lawsuit after lawsuit in court. With these senseless victories over the last bastions of resistance society has (the legal and political systems), the femnazi movement gains influence to emotionally blackmail the rest of society into accepting the false doctrine that women may not fail, that women may not suffer, and that women may not be held fully accountable for their actions, because, actually, femnazis just trying to liberate women from constantly being raped, impregnated against their wills, and forced to cook and clean for their slave-driver husbands.

Where but in the deserts of the Muslim world, the very deepest, darkest villages of Africa, and the secluded, backward rural regions of Asia are women so oppressed that women in the West need these femnazis contribution to even out the playing fields?

Along with this radical transformation in society came the suggestion that those in possession of a penis are sub-human savages, prone to raping and oppressing and excluding the female gender from everything, yet there are women in every aspect of Western society. The reason why you don’t see more women soldiers having their heads blown off (also known as ‘equal representation’ – something feminists demand) is exactly because of discrimination against genders: women tend to avoid participating in war because they are told they must run and hide while men feel it their duty to go to war to protect the sheltered women back home.

But let’s look at a real example of supposedly poor ‘equal representation.’ Is it really men’s or society’s fault that most women shun the fields of engineering and entrepreneurship and choose rather to follow different, often less lucrative careers in hospitality or psychology? In fields where men and women are equally prominent (web design), there is no discrimination against women, they earn just as much as men who have the same qualifications and experience.

But regardless of these fact, we, the public, were convinced that we need biased, excessively harsh, and discriminatory laws to correct the injustice men have used to rule over women, and now, the feminists aren’t happy with the fact that most women simply don’t want to become childless, husbandless corporate elites. In response, the femnazis blew their tops, and now want to outlaw the male condition, leaving men at the mercy of the psychotic outbursts of a small group of very angry women who need to be put in straightjackets, not given another legal victory in court!

Sadly, we already live in a society that has outlawed the male condition. When was the last time you heard of a man that won a custody battle (without spending many years and millions of dollars overcoming the bias in the legal system)? A man can have a good job, no criminal record, be a loving father and a once caring husband, but the drug-snorting, landlord-banging, pill-popping emotional wreck of a mother always wins the custody battle, on principle—one of many such principles forcefully implanted into society’s psyche by those unruly feminist and their many male supporters / sponsors.

Please don’t think that I side with the male victims of the femnazi movement, though. I know that wherever oppression gains a foothold, someone had sadomasochistic tendencies and welcomed the abuse, mistaking it for pleasure. These little insecure men, always in need of a mother or a companion, are usually the ones that give these femnazis all the attention they demand. These little boys with their expensive toys and their corporate success think they will be the one to transform an uncouth witch into a classy princess. These panicky little boys are attracted to bitchy women because they need that feeling of having someone stronger than them take control of their lives, give order to their daily schedule, dictate their social lives, their diet, and their friends, all while managing their bank balance and putting a cap on how much they may spend on themselves.

You little pathetic men, the ones who readily surrender the blood from your brains to your genitals, are why the femnazis have conquered so much legal and cultural land. You little boys hide your inadequacies as men behind the age-old excuse called ‘manners’ and your supposed ‘sensitivity to the female nature.’ You allow yourself to believe the fabricated myth that every woman is a writing mess of uncontrollable hormones, and that every ‘real man’ is supposed to offer up his own happiness in an effort to satiate these emotional vampires now developing in practically every residential estate in the West!

You little snot-nosed boys who believe everything you read in magazines and hear on TV deserve your penitence, for you treat women as if they are as pathetic, as pompous, as arrogant, and as prone to violence and outburst as the attention-seeking feminist movement make women out to be. You foolish men are happy to believe that women are fragile, needy, and overbearing, because your own stunted emotional development makes infatuated with the idea of being that fucking who can help these women along in their eternal struggle against life and the penis.

Furthermore, your constant need to be mothered and have a woman in your life (any mad woman, if no sane one can be convinced) means that you feed the femnazi that will one day add your defeat in court to the list of successes of the feminist movement. And when your other half makes off with your kids, in what was once your car, as what was once your house is moved in to by the next fuckup in progress of a union between a desperate man and a psychotic woman, you will inadvertently have become another sponsor for the femnazi war machine.

Congratulations, you dumb fuck! Now you can go online and peruse all those 10 Tips for Surviving a Divorce articles while throw your life and career away for the comforts offered by copious quantities of cheap scotch poured at the nearest bar!

I frequently notice your still moving corpse sitting there in the corner of every bar I walked into. Your peppered jaw alludes to the fact that you have not shaved for days. Your exhausted countenance suggests that you have not had a peaceful night’s sleep in ages. Your wrinkled clothes, clearly not properly washed (because you can’t even do that without a woman doing it for you) testifies to the fact that you are a loser who can’t self-sustain. And in between the flicking of your wrist, waterboarding your suffering, you longingly stare at that pendant containing a small picture of your ex and children, who now grow up hearing from their mother what a piece of trash their father is. And when those children one day grow up and finally come to seek you out (possibly after the old hag had croaked), they will surely discover that mother was right, after all.

From one man to another (though I hardly consider you a man), you are but a tragic, pussy-whipped fool, and you deserve to be where you are. I hope your balls feel much better, now that she has ripped them clean off! You are a disgrace to what it means to be a man! Reflect upon the great individuals of your gender who came before you: Socrates, Archimedes, Themistocles, Alexander the Great, Genghis Kahn, Kublai Kahn, Caesar, Aristotle, and Christopher Hitchens ... to name but a very few of the men who taught me what it means to be a man! Go, you heartbroken, whimpering mess of a boy child, and read about what these great men accomplished in their lives! Read about the challenges these great men faced and how they overcame them! Then go back to your shabby, dark, and musty apartment, stinking of booze and cigarettes not consumed in happiness and see if you can still bring yourself to feel sorry for yourself, just because you no longer have woman in your life.

In part two I’ll share a bit of info about how the western white feminist fares in Singapore, a society radically different from the one that inspired the picture I drew here of modern-day feminism and its effects. There is hope yet in this dire tale.

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