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Top Story : Eastern Cape man held for killing his mom

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Eastern Cape man held for killing his mom

A man was arrested near Butterworth for allegedly murdering his mother, Eastern Cape police have said.

Eastern Cape murder accused arrested
Man jailed for murder, rape, attempted necrophilia
4 held for Eastern Cape murder
Justice Project SA says it has been vindicated by the public protector's finding that the Johannesburg metro police acted improperly when it sent fines by ordinary post instead of registered mail.
The festive season continues to claim lives, with 25 deaths countrywide in just two days.
The closure of certain e-toll kiosks is a sign of the system's demise, Outa chair Wayne Duvenage tells Fin24.
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REMEMBERING: A Pakistani family member recites a part of the Qur’an to pay tribute to students who died in a Taliban attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar.  (Muhammad Sajjad, AP)
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An emergency intervention team had been set up to help victims of a fire in Slovoville, Johannesburg, in which 400 shacks burned down, the the Gauteng MEC for human settlements has announced.

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The United Nations mission in Central African Republic says it is concerned about confrontations that included armed clashes with UN peacekeepers.

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An unlicensed medical practitioner suspected of negligently infecting more than 100 villagers in Cambodia with the virus that causes Aids has been charged with murder.

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Chelsea ensured they will spend Christmas Day on top of the Premier League as they defeated a gritty Stoke City.

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US home resales have tumbled to a six-month low in November, underscoring the uneven nature of the housing market recovery.

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Joe Cocker, whose intense, gritty voice won him wide acclaim that spanned both rock and blues, has died at age 70.

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A strike by workers employed at Amazon's German operations entered its second week on Monday, with the action threatening to disrupt the US online retailer's business.

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Slowly - but hopefully not surely - Christianity is becoming irrelevant in our society as it is always stealing from other traditions, argues Abuti Rams.

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