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Top Story : Mugabe vows to expel more white farmers

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Mugabe vows to expel more white farmers

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has marked his 91st birthday with lavish celebrations, defying criticism of his policies by vowing to expel the country's last remaining white farmers from their land.

Mugabe turns 91 with $1m birthday bash
Mugabe admits land reform blunder
I'm still in charge, not Grace - Mugabe
A former deputy chief of the Tshwane metro police has been arrested for alleged drunk driving in Pretoria, the metro police said.
The Stormers have kept up their perfect start to the season with a heart-stopping victory over the Lions at Ellis Park.
Eight people have been convicted in connection with a spectacular 2008 holdup at a Harry Winston jewellery shop in Paris, in which three cross-dressing gunmen stole about $92m.
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TIRED: A volunteer Shi'ite fighter rests a gun on his shoulder in the village of Awaynat near the Iraqi city of Tikrit. (Ahmad Al-Rubaye, AFP)
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Michael TheWriter

Alas - we bid farewell to another co-traveler on Starship Earth - yesterday Leonard Nimoy departed this sphere - he lives on in our memory. Read more...

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Janet O'Donoghue

Suffering is pain that is felt unconsciously.

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Cancer is emerging as a major public health problem, not only in South Africa, but in Africa as a whole, President Jacob Zuma has said.

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Thousands of Cameroonian youths say they have marched through the capital to show support for the military's battle against Nigeria's Islamic extremists in the country's north.

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Publicity hasn't jeopardised Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's right to an impartial jury, a federal appeals panel says.

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The Stormers have kept up their perfect start to the season with a heart-stopping victory over the Lions at Ellis Park.

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PetroSA is set to cut its workforce by close to 40%, according to a letter from the CEO to a union released to the media.

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Hip hop artist, Cassper Nyovest scooped the most coveted awards and walked away with five trophies.

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Some of China's largest internet companies have deleted more than 60 000 online accounts because their names did not conform to regulations.

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South Africans and the rest of the world have gained a close look to what parliament should not be, writes Anne Marais.

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Alas - we bid farewell to another co-traveler on Starship Earth - yesterday Leonard Nimoy departed this sphere - he lives on in our memory.
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