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Top Story : BREAKING: Stun grenades fired at protesters

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BREAKING: Stun grenades fired at protesters

LATEST: Two stun grenades have just been fired at protesters in Cape Town's CBD just two hours before President Zuma is due to start speaking.

PICS: Countrywide protests, marches ahead of SONA 2016
SONA: Cloud hangs over Zuma
SONA2016: Zuma must instil confidence in the market - expert
The SA Military Health Band is filling Parliament's precinct with gentle jazz tunes while the final stretches of the red carpet are laid out to welcome arrivals for President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation address.
Western Cape premier and former DA leader Helen Zille should not bother asking black people to vote for her party, members of the Ses'khona People's Rights Movement says.
Watch as a Zuma Must Fall march official calls for South African men to "take back" their homes.
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NO TO NORTH: Pictures of North Korean flags, the North's leader Kim Jong Un and North's missiles are burned by anti-North Korea protesters during a rally in downtown Seoul, South Korea. (Lee Jin-man, AP)
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So the TV programme Lucifer offended the Christians. Some letters were written, subscriptions to DSTV were threatened to be cancelled and they eventually got their way. Read more...

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Charl Du Toit913

There is no way that Tim Noakes can be held responsible on this charge!  Read more...

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Razor wire and more police reinforcements have been rolled out near Parliament after hundreds of Ses'khona People's Rights Movement members attempted to break through a barrier fence and make their way onto the parliamentary precinct.

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2016-02-11 15:48

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