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Top Story : Air Canada plane leaves Halifax runway on 'abrupt' landing

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Air Canada plane leaves Halifax runway on 'abrupt' landing

Air Canada says a flight from Toronto to Halifax has "exited" the runway at Halifax's airport upon making what the airport calls an "abrupt" landing.

Crash pilot was psychiatric patient
Torn-up sick notes show crash pilot grounded
Russian air controllers charged for Polish presidential jet disaster
See the 12 ladies competing to take home the crown of Miss South Africa 2015.
Nigerians hit by failures in new election technology have returned to the polls, to allow them to cast their ballots in the country's close-run presidential election.
Best-selling boy band One Direction bounded onto the stage in Johannesburg for their first show since fans across the world were plunged into teenage distress over heartthrob Zayn Malik quitting the group.
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TRIBUTE: French Red Cross members and inhabitants pay tribute to the victims in front of a stele, a stone slab erected as a monument, set up in the area where a Germanwings aircraft crashed in the French Alps, in Le Vernet, France. (Claude Paris, AP)
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Rhowen Van Der Heever

A Statue is hardly to blame for the failures of South Africa. Read more...

17 comments  714 views
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Let's hope the real issue for the lack of transformation will be addressed as speedily as the decision by UCT Senate to remove the statue of CJ Rhodes. Read more...

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One person has been killed and 16 others injured in an accident involving a minibus on the R603 near Amanzimtoti in KwaZulu-Natal.

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The attack on a Somali hotel by al-Shabaab extremists has been ended by troops leaving at least 21 dead.

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Islamist groups including al-Qaeda's Nusra Front have seized the Syrian city of Idlib for the first time since the conflict in the country began.

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South Africa will face their nemesis Fiji in their bid to win their first Hong Kong Sevens title.

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SA could get another GDP adjustment which may actually delay a ratings downgrade by a few years, according to economist Mike Schussler.

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See the 12 ladies competing to take home the crown of Miss South Africa 2015.

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The chief executive of the technology giant, Tim Cook, is joining the roster of the very rich who are giving away their wealth.

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Some critics of the Rhodes campaign are deliberately invoking terrorist comparisons to re-ignite the idea of the “swart gevaar”, says Brad Cibane.

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