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Top Story : 'Birth control to ensure bursary students don't fall pregnant'

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'Birth control to ensure bursary students don't fall pregnant'

The KwaZulu-Natal health department will be injecting 12 female university students with contraception to stop them from falling pregnant as they leave for India on full bursaries.

KZN students arrested for public violence
KZN students arrested for public violence
Zulu to be a compulsory for KZN students
A man who allegedly assaulted a driver during a road rage attack in Fourways, Johannesburg, has been arrested after handing himself in at a police station, Gauteng police say.
Police have fired rubber bullets at protesting students at Mangosuthu University of Technology in Durban after they threw bricks, rocks and bottles at police.
Reference to Lonmin security guards firing rubber bullets during a scuffle between striking miners in Marikana in August 2012 has been removed from a logbook, the Farlam inquiry has heard.
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SPREADING: A deadly outbreak of the Ebola virus is spreading throughout West Africa, with the latest figures from WHO showing an increasing number of deaths. 
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Kiev has bombed Donetsk to smithereens. So what I want to know is this: do they have the same plans for our Karoo farmers? Read more...

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To all those who stand silently by a friend they know to be abusive, and all those who blame the victim... Read more...

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Former president FW de Klerk says he hopes his footprints will remind people of the long journey towards equality that still lies ahead.

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President Barack Obama has spoken out against gender oppression in Africa that he said is "crippling" parts of the continent, urging young leaders there to empower women.

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The ever-increasing cost of living means that many South Africans could lose their middle class status or fall into poverty, warns an expert.

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Jamie Foxx will reportedly be transformed into Mike Tyson for a new biopic, rumoured to be titled Champion.

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Microsoft has said it is under investigation by antitrust authorities in China, pledging to co-operate in the investigation.

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Is this real love, or are you on a shortcut to a private hell of abuse? Here’s how you can tell.

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