As a country we had so many dreams. Now is not the time to give up on them, writes Melanie Verwoerd.


South Africa has a new trade union federation. Can it break the mould?

South Africa's newest trade union federation, Saftu, comes at a time of declining political influence by unions, compared to during the struggle against apartheid. They are also seen as elitist, writes Edward Webster.

Too Fast and Furious: a South African production

The last few years in South Africa have produced more movie possibilities than is available in Bollywood, writes Howard Feldman.

The crisis of a president we cannot dislodge

With a leader who has no regard for the values of our republic and a ruling party which has consistently shielded him from all sanction, SA is clearly in crisis, says Solly Moeng.

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Man hauls 6 schools to court over religious teachings in state school

A Stellenbosch man is taking six schools to court over how far the institutions can go with teaching religion at state schools.

Heated exchanges in Panayiotou case

A heated exchange between Christopher Panayiotou's defence council and investigating officer, Captain Kanna Swanepoel, has continued in the High Court.

Zuma will attend Cosatu May Day rally - ANC

President Jacob Zuma will attend Cosatu's worker's day celebrations in Bloemfontein, despite calls from some of the union federations affiliates that he not go.

He is not just crazy, he is a cunning businessman - Gupta lawyer on murder plot

The lawyer for the controversial Gupta family, Gert van der Merwe, believes that the man who allegedly plotted to assassinate senior government officials that are so-called state capture beneficiaries, is possibly mentally unstable.


This is what happens to your Facebook account after you die

Experts say you should actually draft a 'digitally' aware will!

SANCO highlights 'biggest threats to road safety' in SA

'The fact that people know that they can get away with murder by bribing officials makes the situation worse,' the South African National Civic Organisation is calling for a different approach to enforce responsible driving.

Car-buying guide: 4 ways to survive SA's Junk Status downgrade

'Rising fuel and car prices are just some of the costs that will start eating into the budgets of South Africans,' says Wesbank as it looks at ways motorists can survive SA's Junk Status downgrade.


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