Don't buy votes, Modise warns ANC

2012-06-10 21:10

Johannesburg - ANC party members should not choose leaders in the upcoming Mangaung conference because of their financial powers and seniority, party deputy secretary Thandi Modise said.

Modise was addressing delegates at the Limpopo provincial general council in Polokwane on Sunday.

She said lessons should be learned from the Polokwane conference and denounced the culture of using money to buy votes.

"If you have money, don’t buy ANC people, don’t buy Mangaung conference comrades," she said.

The conference should be used to revive the life of the African National Congress, and many ANC policies needed to be reviewed during the upcoming policy conference, she said.

"I don’t know how many policies we have had, but what I do know is that half of them need to be reviewed."

Modise said the ANC seemed to be scared to be discussing the land issue policy.

"It is a fact that black people are trying to acquire as much land as they can, it is not a sin. It is a fact that a willing seller willing buyer had instrumentally failed land restitution."

According to Modise the land issue among others was the cornerstone for the party to see another hundred years.

  • lownabester - 2012-06-10 21:22

    No money no votes. Thats the only way you can get elected for a post in the ANC, all are crooks.

      Charles-Bronson - 2012-06-10 22:01

      Now the most corrupted cANCer party full of thief's want to change the rules to benefit the most useless corrupted and divided president this country ever had!

  • nghamula.mdunwazi - 2012-06-10 21:28

    You are right madam but this is going to be a war,polokwane 2007 was easy but this one(mangaung) will devide ANC more than what Cope and ANC did.

      Glyn - 2012-06-11 10:33

      Viva COPE! Viva DA!

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-06-10 21:30

    Mmmm so they were buying votes.

      Jean - 2012-06-10 21:53

      They've been buying votes with chicken so none of this is shocking.

      bernpm - 2012-06-10 23:12

      At least someone confesses..this is called progress! Does this include "free bus rides", "free food parcels", "free T-shirts" and some lesser known freebies?

  • Rodney - 2012-06-10 21:35

    And yet so many people will vote for this crooked bunch of never willbe's. The only reason any of them have the money to buy votes is because they have been stealing it from the taxpayers. When will the voting public realise this and kick these thieving scum out?

      mlondolozi.matshini - 2012-06-10 21:40

      coz most members of the public are stil not clued up about how greedy some of these politicians are nd thy don't know who else to vote for.

  • Michael - 2012-06-10 21:37

    popularity contest at the zoo of politics

  • mlondolozi.matshini - 2012-06-10 21:43

    ah ha! they are buying votes huh! now all u needed to do mrs. modise is give us the names. that could help.

  • Bongeka - 2012-06-10 21:44

    Good advice Modise but do you think it's possible for people not to fall for money? (I don't think so).Money is an evil of all sins, we all know that money makes the world go round.It can make people kill their own mothers.So who are we (the people of South Africa) to compete with people who make money work for them? If you want to get rid of corruption you better come up with another plan and minus the money and race factors in that equation.Come Mangaung and we'll see that some animals are more equal that each other. GOD BLESS SOUTH AFRICA/NKOSI SIKELELA UMZANSI But they say there's no tunnel in this whole wide world without an end,after the storm there comes rainbow then sunshine and in every dark clouds there's a silver lining.So lets hope that one day we will bounce back and enjoy what our country has to offer. GOOD LUCK SOUTH AFRICA

  • nettie.potgieter.5 - 2012-06-10 21:59

    I wish they could sell wisdom and vote with there brains and not there harts!

  • Vic - 2012-06-10 22:05

    That's the only method they know.

  • Ted Byrne - 2012-06-10 22:19

    Read a great article on the land issue basically to say that white people own the majority of the land is kinda false because firstly the government ( ANC ) own's some 33 percent of the land and then how does one define land that is used to produce food ,if I remember that was some 50 o/o so is that a race question when we need the food considering the number of failed farm buyouts there have the question is why not use the gov land to redistribute ( would be a lot easier)...but then when have politician s ever been known for doing the right thing( worldwide) .....mail & guardian have the article

  • john.lonsdale.5 - 2012-06-10 22:23

    She said lessons should be learned from the Polokwane conference and denounced the culture of using money to buy votes. That is a scary statement. Highest bidder wins, some democracy we live in?

  • john.lonsdale.5 - 2012-06-10 22:26

    My Father who has now passed, said to me one day when discussing politics, You'll never make communists of this lot, they like money to much. He was a wise old man, and I must say I now agree with him?

  • ntjeke.wilfred - 2012-06-10 22:52

    polokwane was a mistake zuma was a mistake and still

  • william.letsong.5 - 2012-06-11 00:00

    But its okay to buy votes from the poor in the form of food parcels during election campaigns? I don't give a damn who the next leader is, but what I do know for sure is that I'm surely not gonna vote for the bunch of Chinese Puppets comes 2014.

  • ptmakgato - 2012-06-11 06:18

    Nationalisation is good and I myself would like it to take place but not with the corrupt ANC bcos they will make sure that only them and their relatives benefit from it

      Gerald Jordaan - 2012-06-11 06:59

      Dum dum..u have no idea what the results of nationalisation are..Julius Nyrere acknowledged that he f*cked up big time!! Govt can't manage the country let alone businesses!! Wise up assh*le!!

      Koos - 2012-06-11 08:02

      Here is the problem with that ptmakgato. The whole idea about business is to make money. To make money you have to put in money, get the best people to do the job as efficiently as possible, minimize expenses and to maximize profit. The money that gets poured into business to make it work creates or support other secondary businesses. Nationalization removes the driving force behind business. The best friend gets the job not the best person (as we can see in everything the government touches). The money pushed into the business will not be that much (no investors) and will not go to support secondary businesses. There will be no point in excelling because there will be no incentive. In Africa it is even worse because everyone wants to sit and get rich without lifting a finger. We have seen it in mining, we have seen it in agriculture and all over many a time. You want to kill the people, you go and nationalize business. Even the great USSR could not make it work, China could not make it work, how will some third world African country make it work?

  • mncedisi.budaza - 2012-06-11 06:45

    We knw how Polokweni was won, millions of rands were used to buy voters n the party that were held in the farm out Pretoria n we knw those who benefited n those who money spender.thanks mama Modise for telling the truth bt u gona be voted out because of this

  • nigel.vanysendyk - 2012-06-11 07:41

    SO you are admitting that Polekwane was bribery then, so this is how the ANC rolls, the thug with the most money has the most influence.

  • Koos - 2012-06-11 07:49


  • Winifred - 2012-06-11 14:20

    Of course they have been buying votes. If anybody can see that then they need their head read. The reason why the land system willing seller willing buyer never worked out because the lazy bums who were supposed to be seeing to this were asleep on the job. Government owns plenty land, how come they not giving up their land they own. Problem the Anc has being buying voters for so long, free houses, numerous grants etc, now the land issue. Was the promises free land, free farming equipment, free cattle, free farmhouse, oh suppose government will pay for the farm workers to work the land. The proceeds from the farm to be pocketed by the land owner. They must use this for their voting slogan. FREE FREE FREE, VOTE OF ANC THATS ME, AND YOU WILL GET EVERYTHING FOR FREE FREE FREE. JUST REMEMBER ITS ANC FOR FREE. Then you can knock them, if they offer me a house for free I would also vote for them but would ensure that when they hand over the keys, I will place my little x on the ballot.

  • Winifred - 2012-06-11 14:27

    My advice to those ANC FREE LOADERS, becareful, Zuma is a zulu, so zulu's will be first in line, those poor supporters in the eastern cape, they cant even get a good education of health system for themselves, how are long are they going to wait for land, then ther is the western cape, limpoto and a hoard of others. Kwazulu Natal will be first. If you choose a zulu president you will be looked after. Shame where do the Xhosa'a fit and the indians and the coloured, Ah Shame man, you will need another 100 years before your turn comes around.

  • donald - 2012-07-18 11:10

    why change a winning formulae

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