SA experts drive 3D universe map with SKA

2015-01-20 09:47

Astronomers in South Africa are part of a cohort of experts who are trying to build the most ambitious model of the universe using the latest technology.

In a first, astronomers map comets around another star

2014-10-23 09:17

Astronomers using an ultra-sensitive telescope in the Chilean desert say they have mapped hundreds of comets orbiting a star 63 light years from Earth.

Earth in the sun's crosshairs, could knock out high tech

2014-09-12 08:36

The sun has taken aim at Earth and delivered what could be a knock-out blow to modern technology.

Green light for Milky Way telescope after problems

2014-07-30 14:44

A billion-dollar telescope designed to provide the most detailed map yet of the Milky Way is ready to start work after teething problems.

SA needs PhDs urgently, says Pandor

2014-07-22 13:20

South Africa is producing too few doctoral graduates, Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor says.

Comet 'sweats' two glasses of water per second

2014-07-02 10:40

Unprecedented measurement of a deep-space comet has found the icy body to be losing about two small glasses of water every second.

Big Bang team: We may be wrong

2014-06-23 07:50

American astrophysicists who announced just months ago what they deemed a breakthrough in confirming how the universe was born now admit they may have got it wrong.

Asteroids take aim at the Earth

2014-05-27 09:41

A number of asteroids are set to pass the Earth, with one coming very close to the planet.

Secrets of super-dense magnetic star revealed

2014-05-14 16:58

Astronomers may have found the answer to a cosmic riddle called the magnetar - a star so dense that just a teaspoonful of it would have a mass of about a billion tons.

Alien signal likely interference, says top astronomer

2014-04-22 13:29

The controversial and unexplained Wow! Signal from decades ago may have been interference, says a top radio astronomer.

Earth-sized planet found in 'habitable zone'

2014-04-19 07:19

The hunt for potential life in outer space has taken a step forward - an international team of researchers has discovered the first Earth-sized planet within the "habitable zone" of another star.

Liquid water ocean lurking on Saturn's moon

2014-04-04 09:33

A vast ocean of water could be lurking under the thick ice of one of Saturn's moons, according to scientists.

SA unveils MeerKAT technology, broadband

2014-03-27 13:13

Minister of Science and Technology Derek Hanekom has officially launched the first telescope that will make up the MeerKAT instrument in the Northern Cape province.

'We will find ET'

2014-03-24 10:00

The fact that new technologies are helping astronomers find more extrasolar planets means that it's just a matter of time before extraterrestrial life is found, a top astronomer has said.

South Korea goes bonkers for space rocks

2014-03-18 09:51

A corner of South Korea is in the grip of a frenzied hunt for valuable space souvenirs, following a rare meteor shower there.

Last chance to see meteor shower

2014-03-17 08:30

Despite a bright Moon, there is still an opportunity to view the gamma-Normids meteor shower which peaked recently.

UK makes funding donation for SKA

2014-03-11 14:15

The UK has announced what is expected to be one of the first in a series of funding initiatives for the Square Kilometre Array telescope.

Nasa readies powerful space telescope

2014-02-04 09:31

All the pieces of the most powerful space telescope ever are ready for assembly at Nasa, the US space agency has said.

Water found - in outer space

2014-01-27 08:05

The building blocks for life may be more common in space than previously thought as scientists have discovered water hidden within stardust.

First asteroid of 2014 hits Earth

2014-01-16 08:29

A small asteroid entered Earth's atmosphere over the mid-Atlantic ocean this year, a sky survey team reported.

Ancient galaxies surprises astronomers

2014-01-08 14:14

The Hubble Space Telescope has peered back to a chaotic time 13. 2 billion years ago when never-before-seen galaxies were tiny, bright blue and full of stars bursting to life.

Jupiter moon Europa water jets amaze experts

2013-12-13 07:38

New observations from the Hubble Space Telescope show jets of water vapour blasting off the southern pole of Europa, an ice-covered moon of Jupiter.

No sign of comet after pass around sun

2013-11-29 07:20

A comet's 5.5-million-year journey to the inner solar system apparently ended during a suicidal trip around the sun, leaving no trace of its once-bright tail, scientists have said.

SA to manage IP carefully for SKA project

2013-11-14 07:25

Intellectual Property rights will have to be carefully managed in order to ensure that scientists and engineers working on the SKA (Square Kilometre Array) can collaborate effectively, a government minister has said.


Maybe two more planets in our Solar System

2015-01-19 19:05

The Solar System has at least two more planets waiting to be discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto some astronomers claim.

Saturn moon may have 'life-friendly' ocean

2014-10-17 12:02

Saturn's battered moon Mimas may have a thin global ocean, raising the prospect of another "life-friendly" habitat in the solar system, scientists have said.

Space craft grabs possible interstellar space dust

2014-08-15 09:31

A Nasa spacecraft dispatched 15 years ago to collect samples from a comet has also snared what scientists suspect are the first dust specks from interstellar space.

Remote outcrops of faraway galaxy lopsided

2014-07-22 20:21

Astronomers have examined the remotest parts yet of an elliptical galaxy, Centaurus A, and discovered it's more lopsided and richer in heavy elements than expected.

Comet-chasing probe closes in on target

2014-07-03 14:44

A comet-chasing spacecraft on a mission to land on a fizzing ball of ice and dust later this year has begun a crucial slow-down manoeuvre to avoid flying past its target.

SA discovers triple black hole system

2014-06-26 07:20

A team of South African astronomers have discovered a triple super-massive black hole system, the Square Kilometre Array SA has said.

I am a planet, insists Pluto

2014-05-28 10:15

Pluto is making its case to be re-admitted to the family of planets that orbit the solar system.

SA observatory finds stars in Milky Way

2014-05-14 16:59

South African astronomers have found the first known stars in the flared disk of the Milky Way galaxy, the SA Astronomical Observatory says.

Sun sibling found

2014-05-13 13:29

Researchers analysing the interstellar dust have concluded that they have found the sun's sibling.

Earth 'overdue' for major asteroid impact

2014-04-25 08:07

The Earth is overdue for a major asteroid impact that could wreak much more devastation if hit a city than an atomic bomb, a new study says.

High tech Karoo lab to grow interest in science

2014-04-22 12:10

The geosciences laboratory in South Africa to be built in the Karoo near the town of Majiesfontien will focus on growing interest in high tech science.

'Blood moon' stuns sky watches

2014-04-15 12:38

Parts of the world have seen a rare celestial event when the Earth's shadow fell across the moon, turning it orange.

Astronomers ring in startling asteroid find

2014-03-27 21:19

Astonished astronomers say they have found rings around an asteroid, the smallest object known to have this feature and only the fifth after Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Newfound pink world lurks at solar system fringes

2014-03-27 08:28

Peering into the far reaches of the solar system, astronomers have spied a pink frozen world 12 billion kilometres from the sun.

First MeerKAT dish to be unveiled soon

2014-03-18 12:30

South Africa is pushing ahead with the country's most ambitious science project as the first MeerKAT instrument is unveiled.

Scientists detect echoes of Big Bang

2014-03-17 18:05

In a major discovery for understanding the origins of the universe, US scientists say they have detected echoes of the Big Bang 14 billion years ago.

Conservatives 'hurt' science progress

2014-03-14 10:29

Conservative political beliefs threaten to undermine the progress made in science, particular in the US where the debate has shifted to the right, a top astronomer has warned.

Nasa plans Jupiter moon mission - and search for life

2014-03-05 08:44

Nasa is plotting a daring robotic mission to Jupiter's watery moon Europa, a place where astronomers speculate there might be some form of life.

Asteroid shaves Earth, more on the way

2014-01-27 09:40

An asteroid has dashed close by the Earth, but experts were watching it to ensure that it stayed on the predicted course.

Rural communities embrace big science - and God

2014-01-22 08:30

Poor and generally conservative communities are accepting of cutting edge science projects that may contradict their beliefs, the science and technology minister has said.

Xmas arrives for space station

2014-01-12 14:16

Christmas has finally arrived for the six space station astronauts.

Earth may be an oddity, astronomers say

2014-01-07 11:32

Astronomers call them super-Earths, and they are abundant outside our solar system. But the more experts learn about them, the weirder our own planet seems in comparison.

Comet Ison offcially pronounced dead

2013-12-11 08:37

Comet Ison, once optimistically called the comet of the century, is dead, the victim of a way-too-close brush with the sun.

Comet dances with sun, gives mixed signals

2013-11-27 09:21

A comet is giving astronomers a "wild ride": One day it looks as though it's about to die, the next day, it looks better.

Hanekom spells out SKA benefits

2013-10-28 14:56

The first phase of the SKA telescope in the Karoo could see an inflow of R18bn, says Science and Technology Minister Derek Hanekom.

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