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Does your child have ADHD? Changing their diet might help

30 September, 11:39 AM

We speak to nutritional consultant, Vanessa Ascencao, watch her tell us how diet might remedy some symptoms of ADHD. 

10% of South African children are affected by ADHD. A study has come out of the ADHD Research Centre in the Netherlands that has found ADHD could be triggered by food intolerance.

Ascencao tells Jennifer Sanasie "if we look at what our kids are eating, there is a direct correlation [between ADHD and diet]."

Watch Ascencao talk us through food deficiencies that contribute to hyperactivity disorders.

What does a child's healthy diet look like?

Ascencao recommends cutting out dairy, sugar, gluten and wheat. Watch her run us through a diet that she would recommend for a child.

What vitamins should your child be eating and which can they supplement?

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