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This publication highlights the good news in SA's education system

30 September, 01:28 PM

The Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a specialised unit at the UCT’s Graduate School of Business, shared research that show in Grade four "more than half of South Africa’s students cannot read for meaning and interpretation and a third are completely illiterate in any language”. Secondary schools also face significant challenges as “80% of Grade nine pupils are achieving results at a Grade five level in Mathematics with the backlog starting in Grades one to three”.
Recognising the response to addressing these challenges all over the country the Bertha Centre launched the first South African Education Innovator’s Review. The publication will showcase innovations in the education sector which have proved their impact in addressing the key challenge of improving access to quality education for those that need it most. Watch the video above.

In the segment below, the Centre's Louise Albertyn talks about the importance of sharing SA's good education stories. Watch:

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