Pink Floyd star's son admits royal riot

2011-05-06 19:05

London - The son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour was warned on Friday he could face jail after he admitted an attack on Prince Charles' convoy during a student riot last year.

Charlie Gilmour, aged 21, pleaded guilty to violent disorder but a judge granted him bail until July in order to allow him to complete his exams at Cambridge University.

"You have accepted counts of a serious matter and it may well be the course of one of immediate custody," judge Nicholas Price told Gilmour, adjourning the case until July 8.

Gilmour, the rocker's adopted son, has been accused of a string of offences during the riot on December 9, including throwing a rubbish bin at a convoy of cars carrying Prince Charles and his wife Camilla to a theatre to watch the Royal Variety Performance.

Wearing a grey suit and dark tie, the history student spoke to confirm his name and enter a non-specific guilty plea at Kingston Crown Court, southwest London.

He has not yet said whether he admits throwing the bin, which missed Charles' and Camilla's car but hit another vehicle, or jumping on the bonnet of a car carrying the couple's royal protection officers.

Gilmour, a former model, is also accused of smashing a window at a high street store during the protests against hikes in university tuition fees to a maximum of £9 000 per year.

Last December, as Britain's coalition government narrowly won a vote on plans to double the basic level of annual tuition fees at English universities, thousands of demonstrators protested and some went on the rampage.

Gilmour was also photographed hanging from the Cenotaph war memorial in central London during the protests. He later issued a statement saying he was "mortified" and "got caught up in the spirit of the moment".

David Gilmour married author and journalist Polly Samson in 1994 and adopted her son Charlie.

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  • Dassie - 2011-05-07 03:08

    They should take the millions of pounds per year paid to the English-German bloody useless royalty of Windsor and use that to subsidise student’s fees at uni. The bloody royals should be out there working like we do and pay their taxes and not leech on our taxes. Good on you Charlie. There are two things that you should change. First, you should not miss the royal a-hole’s car with your trash and secondly, change your name.

  • avocadoproducts - 2011-05-07 09:05

    another rich-kid looking for a cause!!

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