21-day diet: ‘I’m not even dieting anymore – it’s become my lifestyle’

It's never easy trying to lose weight on your own, especially if your family is tucking into pizzas and post-dinner biscuits. So why not convince them to join you?

‘He kissed me on the cheek – while another man pressed a gun into my back and shot me’

"The bullet went straight through my ribs and broke them."

10 things only South Africans will understand

Every country has its idiosyncrasies and we sure are no exception.

Just look at what this product did for a 20-year-old suffering from eczema

Since its introduction, Eau Thermale Avène has helped thousands of South Africans care for their sensitive skin – from everyday skin regimes to specific products for more severe skin problems.

Meet the Randburg granny who runs 60 races a year.

Not bad for 85!

Heartbroken man admits, ‘I was in love with a sex worker’ – and then he lost her and his wife

“Get rid of the porn, stay away from prostitutes and stay with your wife,” warns Gauteng man Cobus van Wyk*

Caught on camera! Two enormous pythons spotted mating while dangling from kitchen window

Only in Australia!

‘Anxiety is’ – This mom’s brutally honest post will change the way you see anxiety

“Anxiety isn't just having a hard time catching your breath."

Plus-size male model is spreading an incredible body positive message

“When it comes to presenting an image of male beauty, we need to expand that.”

'I'm anorexic but I'm fat' - Woman battling anorexia for 22 years speaks out

The first thing that catches your eye is the pink Hello Kitty blanket on the bed. It looks like the bedroom of a teenage girl – you’d never guess that a 37-year-old woman sleeps here.

A mom of two loses tons of weight and combats her mental illness while at it

Her extreme anxiety caused her to start comfort eating, which left the young girl feeling even more dejected.

She was so overweight she was too embarrassed to go on dates with her husband – but look at her now!

"I ate everything in sight”

Simple ways to avoid dozing off at your work desk

We’ve all experienced it before.

A woman’s hair is chopped off by hairdresser without her consent – and fears it has been sold

When she saw the end result, she noticed that he had cut off a ruler’s length of hair.

Mother shows strangers her ill daughter is not ‘contagious’ by showering her with love

Doctors believe she is one of the youngest patients to have such a severe case.

This woman became a real-life doll to combat bullying

“If you feel awesome then you are awesome.”

Weekly trips to the hair salon, exfoliation and manicures! SA celebs share their secrets on Men’s Grooming Day

There are few things sexier than well-turned-out man.

What's the most cringe-worthy pick-up line you've ever heard?

Sometimes they work and sometimes – not so much.

Man shows what a muscle cramp looks like in toe-curling video

"This is what a cramp looks like”

Your weekend stars

See what the stars have in store for you this weekend.

Boyfriend hilariously mocks fitness girlfriend’s Instagram page

Although he has built up quite a following, Amy seems unfazed by her boyfriend's teasing.

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