First lady tells Anele how Jacob Zuma wooed her

The fifth first lady Thobeka Madiba-Zuma spoke about how Jacob Zuma used to call her on her landline.

A furious mom's open letter to all mothers-in-law

To the mothers-in-law who have nothing good to say about their daughter-in-laws, I want to say: keep it to yourself.

Oscar allowed out of jail for grandmother's funeral

On Wednesday morning Oscar Pistorius was allowed to say farewell to his grandmother, a source close to the family told YOU Magazine.

A weird new tattoo trend is taking over social media

It’s called the Helix tattoo.

Just look at what this product did for a 20-year-old suffering from eczema

Since its introduction, Eau Thermale Avène has helped thousands of South Africans care for their sensitive skin – from everyday skin regimes to specific products for more severe skin problems.

The Backstreet Boys’ hilarious revelation – their famous song features a fart

"He farted not only on the beat, but in key."

Zola Nene joins Great South African Bake Off as judge

SABC3 Expresso chef Zola Nene has replaced Shirley Guy as judge in the third upcoming season of The Great South African Bake Off.

WATCH: Feisty two-year-old has the internet in stitches with hilarious first-day-of-school rant

This two-year-old must be the most self-aware toddler on the planet.

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‘She’s spat blood in my face’ – Chris Brown reveals shocking details of Rihanna assault

These are some of the chilling things Chris Brown recalls of the night he left Rihanna severely injured after an altercation in 2009.

Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

The picture says it all – you’ll have to make them to satisfy your curiosity.

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

This is how Britain’s first gender-fluid family is raising their son

“We’re just an ordinary family being who we want to be.”

Eminem's daughter is all grown up! See how she looks at 21

Can you believe this gorgeous Inta-celeb is Eminem's little Hailee?

Move over Moby Dick! Giant plastic whale set to float around the UK

As part of an awareness campaign into plastic pollution Sky Ocean Rescue has unveiled a 10-m whale made from single-use plastic.

Mother-of-three dies after her daughter’s boyfriend runs her over

A mother-of-three was killed after her daughter’s boyfriend drove into her with his car.

Woman born without a vagina hopes to receive life-changing surgery

"I went to my mom and said 'I don't see an opening' and we both started crying.”

Mother and daughter graduate on the same day and no one can tell them apart

Suzanne and her daughter Melissa were mistaken for sisters at their recent graduation ceremony

WATCH: Pregnant woman goes viral after ‘dancing it out’ to induce labour

The dancer from Glasgow in Scotland, has become an overnight internet star after recording herself doing some hip-hop dance moves

Throwbacks are coming! You won’t believe how much your favourite Game of Thrones characters have changed

Are they even recognizable?

Driving duck pulled over by cops

Star has become somewhat of a local celebrity.

‘Since having my last child, my body has become a mess’

"I felt like I was ugly, scarred, and completely broken."

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