1000s in Libya running out of food

2011-07-05 15:10

Geneva - Tens of thousands of people living in Libya's western mountains region are running short of food and are increasingly dependent on food aid to survive, the World Food Programme said on Tuesday.

The first evaluation mission by the United Nations to this region "has found that food security is of major concern for the people there", said Emilia Casella, spokesperson for the UN food agency.

"People were depending entirely on food assistance for their survival," she added.

The mission travelled to Nalut, Wazin, Jadu and Zintan and "found only two cows during their entire mission, they found no sheep, no goats".

"People have been selling off their livestock or consuming their livestock," said Casella.

The mission was "really shocked there is really no trade going on, shops are closed, civils servents have not been paid since February," she described.

As a result, the people are left with a "very restrictive diet" with no access to eggs, meat or fish.

The WFP has sent 800 cubic metres of food in the region where it has reached 125 000 of the most vulnerable people.

The UN refugee agency warned in June that an aid crisis appeared to be looming in Libya and more international relief may soon be needed, as the prolonged conflict and sanctions stymie the regime's ability to deliver aid.

  • Civil_Rights - 2011-07-05 15:19

    No wonder Gaddaffi looks so fat.

  • tabza - 2011-07-05 15:36

    i think they must come to south africa everything its for free.

      lethlogonolo sealetsa - 2011-07-05 16:32

      unfortunately not the education or you would have said, 'everything is for free'

  • msendi - 2011-07-05 16:58

    The price they have to pay for freedom… After the darkest night there's a brighter day…

      tryanything - 2011-07-05 17:40

      Things get worse before they get better.....Who said anything can get better? This continent is haveing a bad hair day.

      msendi - 2011-07-05 17:54

      I am not a continent…lol. They must go against all odds to achieve what their are fighting for… I just pray that after all this happiness will return in their lives…

  • jock - 2011-07-05 17:29

    maybe Nato can drop food parcels instead of bombs

  • MrSpiderman - 2011-07-05 18:20

    Zuma will supply, and minima will provide the Moët!!

  • Zimasa - 2011-07-05 19:30

    I just hope dat they wil reap their rewards 1 4 now, its pity

  • Mark Murata - 2011-07-06 01:30

    “Above all, the European Union must start acting like a responsible force in world affairs, not a many-headed monster.” The Financial Times published that on February 23, right as the civil war in Libya erupted. Unfortunately, Europe – along with America – has continued to act like a many-headed monster, particularly in Libya. To begin with, the West failed to help countries like Libya develop their economies before the war began. In fact, the West promised to help Libya develop its economy after Libya agreed to abandon its nuclear program. But instead of doing that, the West seemed happy to support and encourage organizations intent on overthrowing the existing regime. In particular, Britain supported the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, a terrorist organization linked to Al Qaeda whose objective was to overthrow Gaddafi. In 1996, British intelligence even hired that organization to assassinate Gaddafi. For the rest of the article, please visit:

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