10 Commandments for Zambia

2011-09-25 22:31

Lusaka - Zambia's new President Michael Sata, the first elected Catholic head of state and a devout believer, said on Sunday his government would follow the tenets of the 10 Biblical Commandments.

"This government will be governed on the 10 Commandments. Thou shall not steal, do unto others as you would like them to do unto you," Sata told parishioners at a church in Lusaka's upscale Rhodes Park district.

"For the first time this country has a Catholic president and our government will support the church," Sata said, recalling that the nation was predominantly Catholic.

Sata took office on Friday, kicking off with a pledge to crack down on the rampant corruption that turned voters away from his predecessor Rupiah Banda.

Banda had campaigned on the strength of Zambia's economy, which grew 7.6% last year, and pointed to new hospitals, schools, roads and electricity projects as proof of his success.

But Sata took 43% of the vote to Banda's 36%, by harnessing the anger of the youth and the unemployed who have yet to see change in their daily lives.

The election was marred by sporadic violence that left two people dead.

Zambia is now one of the few African countries to have the ruling party change democratically twice since independence.

Sata is the fifth president of the country, which gained independence from Britain in 1964.

  • BigMoose - 2011-09-25 22:50

    I can live with that.

      Africanbiohazard - 2011-09-26 00:49

      Mixing politics and religion is not a good idea. Besides, only two commandments are actual laws in most countries: 1) Do not murder and 2) do not steal. So is Zambia going to be fining people for "barign false witness"? I think we should always be worried when religious zealots come to power and start imposing their morality on everyone.

      burtfred - 2011-09-26 07:24

      "Bearing false witness" is perjory and is a crime in all sorts of countries.

      beicime - 2011-09-26 08:09

      Still to be proven. However the transfer of power in Zambia was a good example which would not happen in South Africa should the ANC lose elections.

      Mallyg - 2011-09-26 08:15

      The Christian Bible promotes love; peace; joy; kindness; gentleness; faithfulness and self-control. Finally, Zambia has the ingredients necessary to prosper its people under President Michael Sata because he said he shall lead by obedience to, and faith in, the Christian God. Our country has been ruled by greed, personal enrichment, racism and ancestry worship; resulting in unfair government practices and the associated negatives, coupled with abject poverty for the large majority. I look forward to being witness to the fruits of a country being led by Christian principles and the hope that others will learn from their example.

      Foreigner - 2011-09-26 12:21

      OK you can live with that! But how come I and many others on this forum are laughing soon after reading this???

  • cameronrh1 - 2011-09-25 23:04

    Hopefully we can see the same development in SA soon, where people will finally start thinking for themselves and see the current government for who and what they really are... South Africa as it is, is a one party state... although i dont agree with the idea or running a country through religion, it should be secular but at same time laws which allow freedom of religion.

      Alice - 2011-09-26 00:17

      I agree

      Liberty - 2011-09-26 03:15

      Thou shall not steal, do onto others........ I wish all countries could be run that way, boy this world would be a much better place.

      Agwambo - 2011-09-26 05:34

      And who should be the alternative to ANC, just for example, lest you forgot @cameronrh1?

  • AMS-Dammer - 2011-09-25 23:17


      AMS-Dammer - 2011-09-25 23:28


      daaivark - 2011-09-26 07:05

      ANd what is "ADULTY"? Something only adults do?

  • Cynical175 - 2011-09-26 00:15

    Fifth president since 1964? That is a lot better then Italie

      Mikemcc - 2011-09-26 06:07

      It has not amounted to much other than selling everything to the chinese.

  • Andries - 2011-09-26 01:45

    Does that mean the government will deal with non-catholics in the same way the Roman Church dealt with dissidents during the dark Ages? Will freedom of religion be guaranteed? No wonder the Reformers referred to the Catholic Church as the anti-christ!

      zaatheist - 2011-09-26 04:06

      All the country needs is a brain addled theocrat. Why do Africans fall for the Eurocentric load of nonsense. I mean, if you want to believe in an invisible sky fairy who grants wishes then at least make one of your own.

  • Heibrin - 2011-09-26 02:04

    Cudos to Zambia for passing the democracy test: a change of government by election, and acceptance by the opposition of such change. Sad though, that the winning party won by playing on the emotions of the voters (sound familiar... ANCYL??). Goes to show you, Africans vote with their hearts, not their minds.... and then do not have the integrity to tell those in their hearts when they do wrong, and punish them for it, should the need arise.

  • zaatheist - 2011-09-26 04:15

    There is no substantive evidence for an omnipotent father-figure deity as postulated by the Christian/Jewish/Islamic tradition. So without religion can there be morality? Certainly, because true moral behavior is based upon simple self-interest. The guiding ethic is to truly act in your own best interest. That would mean treating all people fairly, honestly and, as it says in the Hippocratic Oath, "Cause no harm." Religions invent all other "sins" to increase their control over people. Picking morals from religion is like picking out food from the trash. Sure, you’ll find something edible, and maybe even tasty, but it’ll be tainted with the horrid smell of the rest of the junk. Why not just get your food fresh from nature where it came from in the first place.

      Ralph Long - 2011-09-26 07:44

      Go and play in the traffic, there is nothing wrong with running the country based on the 10 commandments, even if you are not a Christian, the basic concepts of the 10 commandments is good, so stop being so bigoted and just because you don't believe, you don't have to ridicule those who do. A country can do a lot worse as is evident in the rest of Africa.

      zaatheist - 2011-09-26 08:43

      Hello Ralph What nice moral Christian sentiments you express. You confirm my point precisely.

      nxumalo sicelo - 2011-09-28 13:43

      You are a lost soul! and you mean the world without religion would be a great place? Not when you are still greedy and desire things!

  • so mouse - 2011-09-26 06:01

    Wow, and whenever those principles are applied, the ruler and the nation will be blessed. President Michael Sata, we salute u. Please invite all ANC members to attend seminars in Zambia on how to govern a country successfull. They really need your guidence. Unlike South Africa going 100 years backwards in 17 years, Zambia wiil do the opposite. 100 years forward in 17 years. Is there place for seducated people?

      Mikemcc - 2011-09-26 06:11

      Zambia has achieved nothing in 47 years other than destroying their mining industry only to sell it off to the Chinese. The Zambian people have seen no tangible results from this......ring any bells?

  • Agent Rascal - 2011-09-26 07:02


  • meelo - 2011-09-26 07:07

    Deuteronomy 21:18-21 (A "stubborn and rebellious son" must die). Deuteronomy 22:20-21 (If a girl commits the victimless crime of premarital sex, she must die). Deuteronomy 22:22 (Kill adulterers) Deuteronomy 22:23-29 (Sexual assault laws in the Old Testament. A rape victim who does not scream for help must die. A rapist must be put to death, but only if the rape victim is engaged to be married, thus meaning that another man already owns her. If she is not engaged, then the rapist must marry his victim, who will be forced to live with this man for the rest of her life!Deuteronomy 25:11 (If your wife touches your private parts during a public dispute, you must cut off her hand. Talk about a victimless crime; I like it when my wife touches my private parts) Deuteronomy 28:58-61 (Follow every little bit of the laws of the Old Testament and revere God, or he will destroy every last one of you) Deuteronomy 32:21-25 (Worship idols, and God will murder your children. He will start with arrows, then he will follow up with famine, pestilence, and plague. He will continue by adding wild beasts and venomous snakes. When he's bored with that, he will use the sword to murder your children. Everyone will die)

      zaatheist - 2011-09-26 08:49

      Ja, lets get the bible believing, commandment purveying moralistic Christians to actually read what is in their bibble. "Then I heard the LORD say to the other men, "Follow him through the city and kill everyone whose forehead is not marked. Show no mercy; have no pity! Kill them all – old and young, girls and women and little children." (Ezekiel 9:5-7 NLT) If even then you remain hostile toward me and refuse to obey, I will inflict you with seven more disasters for your sins. I will release wild animals that will kill your children and destroy your cattle, so your numbers will dwindle and your roads will be deserted. (Leviticus 26:21-22 NLT) As you approach a town to attack it, first offer its people terms for peace. If they accept your terms and open the gates to you, then all the people inside will serve you in forced labor. But if they refuse to make peace and prepare to fight, you must attack the town. When the LORD your God hands it over to you, kill every man in the town. But you may keep for yourselves all the women, children, livestock, and other plunder. You may enjoy the spoils of your enemies that the LORD your God has given you. (Deuteronomy 20:10-14)

      Heibrin - 2011-09-26 11:56

      @meelo & zaatheist: can you do any quotes out of the New Testament? Can you show me where Christ said anything to the same effect? Do NOT mistake being a born again Christian for being Catholic or Jewish, neither of which are Christians.

      zaatheist - 2011-09-26 13:03

      Ag Heibrin Are you just another selective reader of your scripture. You will happily t claim he 10 commandments are the word of god (see today's story about Malawi and the Christian comments) but please ignore the more distasteful aspects of HIS word. Ne'? Christianity is a fraud. A manufactured money grubbing business that changes its marketing strategies as it goes along. The bible, ever malleable in interpretation, is used as the justification to make tithing sheeple feel superior and to set them apart form the rest of society. Christian lifestyle is a live fantasy roleplaying game among magic, spirits and demons.

      Heibrin - 2011-09-26 14:08

      @zaatheist: You missed the point. I never said that God did not say what is quoted, and I accept what is said and by Whom. God himself said that He is a vengeful God. The point was that Christ states that He came to make everything new, with His message. Everything meelo quoted was from the Old Testament, before Christ. And so you would know, you choose your belief, be it Christianity, or Atheism (a belief in itself!). I do not presume to push my beliefs on you, why do you want to push yours on mine?

  • daaivark - 2011-09-26 07:07

    With respect, I don't think the second one mentioned ("do unto others as you would like them to do unto you") is actually a biblical commandment. It may even be from Nietzche, but am not certain.

      Grayman - 2011-09-26 08:15

      This had me wondering too. I know that 'do unto others' is not one of the 10 Commandments (Catholic or Protestant interpretation).

      Mallyg - 2011-09-26 08:34

      “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you ...” Matthew 7:12 and also “Do to others as you would have them do to you” Luke 6:31.

      Grayman - 2011-09-26 15:11

      Thanks Mallyg.

  • Smuts - 2011-09-26 07:16

    Fascinating. So I guess, no more putting your parents in a dingy old age home. Just wonder how they are going to police the covet thing. And how do you reconcile politics and making lying illegal.

  • DrGonzo - 2011-09-26 09:25

    Religion and politics should NEVER be mixed. This will just result in division, oppression and fear based control. Which is what organised religion is all about. And all you god botherers with nice comments about this, can you please give me a single example of a religion based government which has actually worked, thanks

  • DrGonzo - 2011-09-26 09:29

    Matthew 19:24 "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." I trust the new president and his cronies will be obeying this?

  • DrGonzo - 2011-09-26 09:34

    Luke 3.11 "He that hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let him do likewise" How many of you religious people apply this? Bet you've all got loads of coats.

  • Christopher - 2011-09-27 11:50

    I notice the article says "[The Zambia] government would follow the tenets of the 10 Biblical Commandments" even though this is a Catholic president. The Roman Catholic Church claimed the power to delete the second commandment not to commit idolatry, and the fourth to keep the Sabbath day holy on the 7th day of the week evening to evening. Go to or for more information on why this is happening.

  • Lenny - 2011-09-27 20:34

    This chop is not going to keep any of his promises...and one of the commandments should have been "keep your promises," not the archaic nonsense listed currently. When his term is up, will the people be looking for a Protestant dude to replace him?

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