10% of Libyan assembly seats for women

2012-01-03 19:08

Tripoli - Ten percent of the seats of the proposed Libyan constituent assembly will be reserved for women, a draft election law published on Monday said.

"The General National Congress [constituent assembly] is to be composed of 200 members elected freely and directly. 10% of the seats will be reserved for women," said the draft released on the website of the election preparatory committee.

The constituent assembly election is scheduled to be held in June.

The draft stipulates that candidates must be more than 25 years of age and should have held no responsible position under Muammar Gaddafi’s regime or benefitted financially from his rule.

The minimum age for voters has been kept at 18 years.

A brutal Libyan revolution ended Gaddafi’s four-decade rule and the former leader was later killed at his hometown in Sirte on October 20.

  • Fred - 2012-02-21 23:56

    Not sure what this means. Women should be allowed to stand for all the seats in Parliament, and there should be no limit. In other words, provided there is no limit to the number of women parliamentarians, this is fine.

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