43 injured in Egypt clashes

2012-02-01 08:39

Cairo - Clashes erupted in front of the Egyptian parliament building in central Cairo on Tuesday between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and anti-government protesters, injuring 43 people, the Ministry of Health said.

Thousands of protesters demanding an end to military rule were prevented from reaching the parliament building by a group of loyalists to the Muslim Brotherhood, which got the largest number of seats in the newly-elected legislature.

The Islamist protesters formed a human shield to prevent protesters from reaching the doors of the parliament.

The two groups then threw rocks and bottles at each other.

Security forces were standing nearby without interfering in the clashes.

The Muslim Brotherhood's political arm, The Freedom and Justice Party, swept the polls winning 47% of seats in the People's Assembly, or the lower house.

Protesters were demanding that the ruling military council speed up the presidential elections, scheduled to be held in June. Others called on the council to pass on power to the parliament until a new president is elected.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has been in charge since former president Hosny Mubarak was forced out of power by a popular uprising in February last year.