65 die in Cairo unrest

2013-07-27 21:00

Cairo - At least 65 people were killed during clashes in Cairo early on Saturday, Egypt's health ministry said, after violence erupted at a demonstration in support of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

The ministry said another nine people were killed in Egypt's second city Alexandria on Friday, putting the toll in two days of clashes at 74.

The ministry said that close to 800 people had been injured during the past 48 hours, including 269 outside Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque, where Morsi loyalists have been camped in protest since he was ousted in a military-led coup on 3 July.

The violence in Cairo was the deadliest since the coup that pushed Morsi from office following massive demonstrations against him.

  • Imtiaz Osman - 2013-07-27 22:28

  • Elliot Menziwa - 2013-07-27 22:30

    Democracy is used by that bloodthirsty and power hungry Egyptian army as a smokescreen to please uncle Sam. With so many innocent people dying almost everyday. For what? No,no!

      Elliot Menziwa - 2013-07-28 02:05

      @bee the countries u mentioned are supported by point is muslim bro. through its political wing was elected democratically yet we both know uncle sam would prefer the egyptian army than a civilian gov. Because Of the jewish state concerns, israel is the main factor here

      Imtiaz Osman - 2013-07-28 09:37

      The army controls the economy of egypt. They allowed the economy fall. Egyptian could not get a good supply of fuel but the day after the coup fuel supply back to normal.

  • Imtiaz Osman - 2013-07-28 09:59

  • Imtiaz Osman - 2013-07-28 10:01

  • Dayaan Deskay - 2013-07-29 10:08

    According to Tamarud they collected 22 million signatures as a protest against the elected president of Egypt and on the strength of the 22 million signatures the Army decided to overthrow the elected president and government. But it seems that everyone forgets that although 22 million is a sizeable proportion of the population it is less than half of the Egyptian populace, they have a population of 83 million of which 78 million are eligible to vote. Thus this is not the majority of the population that protested but the faction that lost the election. Secondly everyone seems to be oblivious to the fact that the military controls a sizable section of the economy though the military-industrial complex that was setup under Mubarak. Prior to the overthrow their was major shortages of fuel and other supplies, which are controlled by the military, after the coup since that is what it is, fuel and other supplies started to flow freely. The Muslim Brotherhood won the elections, of which their was more than one on every occasion, but the military demonised the Muslim Brotherhood under its rule with the acceptance of the US government, was not happy to be under a civilian government even insisting that the Minister of Defence be the head of the armed forces. Thus when Tamarud started protesting against the elected president the military through their weight behind the protestors to get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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