9 fugitives sought for Rwanda genocide

2011-12-08 11:31

New York - The prosecutor of the UN tribunal pursuing key figures in the 1994 Rwanda genocide said on Wednesday he plans to intensify the hunt for the nine remaining fugitives as the court tries to wrap up its work.

Justice Hassan Jallow called for greater cooperation from member states in the Great Lakes region of central Africa, where many of the fugitives are located.

At least 800 000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered during Rwanda's 100-day genocide in 1994, and Judge Khalida Rachid Khan, president of the Arusha, Tanzania-based tribunal, said the court has been preserving evidence against three of the highest-ranking fugitives.

She identified them as Rwandan businessman Felicien Kabuga, wanted for financing and inciting killers during the genocide, and former Rwandan defence minister Augustin Bizimanga, and former presidential guard commander Protais Mpiranya, both accused of preparing and planning for the genocide from late 1990 until July 1994.

Jallow said Kenya "must cooperate fully" with the tribunal to arrest Kabuga. He said the tribunal also has "reliable information" that Mpiranya is in Zimbabwe.

"The Security Council should request both Kenya and Zimbabwe to fully discharge their legal obligations in this respect," he said.

  • Paris - 2011-12-08 16:19

    Please arrest them quickly but don`t forget the congolese genocide commited by paul hitler kagame where 1000000(ten million congolese lost their lives from direct order of hitler kagame),for masterminding mass rapes,and looting billions of dollars in resources from DRC,otherwise you`ll be just another kangoroo court.

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