AU inaugurates $200m Chinese-built HQ

2012-01-28 20:14

Addis Ababa - The African Union inaugurated on Saturday its new high-rise headquarters in the Ethiopian capital, built and donated by China at a cost of $200m.

"The towering complex speaks volumes about our friendship to the African people, and testifies to our strong resolve to support African development," said Jia Qinglin, chairperson of China's political advisory body, the People's Political Consultative Conference.

The sleek edifice - Addis Ababa's tallest - will host the African Union summit which gathers African heads of state.

"This complex is a reflection of the new Africa," said African Union chair, Equatorial Guinea's President Teodoro Obiang Nguema at the opening ceremony. "This is a highly significant event in the life of our organisation."

The building, which towers above the Ethiopian capital, was opened ahead of the start on Sunday of the pan-African body's 18th ordinary summit, a bold symbol of China's rapidly changing role in Africa.

Construction was wholly funded by the Chinese government, with even the furnishings paid for by the Asian powerhouse, and most of the construction material was imported from China.

Fluttering red flags emblazoned with the slogan "Peace, Development, Co-operation" were set up around the centre, a reference to Beijing's efforts to develop a strategic China-Africa partnership.

"China, its amazing re-emergence and its commitment to win partnership is one of the reasons for the beginning of the African renaissance," said Ethiopian President Meles Zenawi.

Construction of the new headquarters kicked off in January 2009, and a team of up to 1 200 Chinese and Ethiopian workers laboured around the clock in two or three shifts to finish it on schedule.

The site boasts three conference centres, a helipad and office space for 700 people.

  • Reinier - 2012-01-28 20:21

    lyk my sekere mense het 'n nuwe Baas !!!

      John - 2012-01-28 21:33

      Down with the imperialist chinese communist party, down! Viva the People of China, viva! Down with the chinese imperialist mercenary invasion, down! Viva the People of Xinjiang, viva! Out with the chinese imperialist mercenary army and police, out! Viva the People of Tibet, viva! Out han settler, out! Viva the People of China, viva! Out the han invader troop, out! Viva the People of Xinjiang, viva! Out the han invader policeman, out! Viva the People of Tibet, viva! Boycott China, boycott! Viva the People of China, viva! Sanction China, sanction! Viva the People of Xinjiang, viva! Stop the Baby Genocide, stop! Viva the People of Tibet, viva!

      John - 2012-01-28 21:34

      We have to support the Chinese People against the Oppression, Exploitation, and Genocide of the Chinese Communist Party. Also we have to support Tibet and Xinjiang against the Occupation, Tirany, Oppression, Exploitation and Genocide of the Chinese Communist Party. Chinese settles, policemen, troops must leave. Tibet for Tibet! Xinjiang for Xinjiang! We have to be militant against the Chinese Communist Party, Ban it, Sanction it, Boycott it. And the government too.

      Whitty - 2012-01-28 21:38

      Who forgot to lock again? see now John is out.

      John - 2012-01-28 22:01

      And the the mentally challenged Swedish Government donates 100 Million EVERY YEAR to the ANC. It just goes to show how infiltrated the Swedish left wing AND GOVERNMENT by the KGB!

      Juan - 2012-01-29 00:41

      Yes Africans know who to run to now with their begging bowls. Too useless to do things for themselves. Why in all the countries in Africa could they have not financed and constructed such a headquarters themselves. Useless nation, where is the sence of pride? Then the AU want us to take them seriously. What a joke, I am sure the Chinese are laughing at this continent. And the Chinese didn't do this out of the goodness of their hearts, they expect resources, a superb return on their invetment in terms of mineral wealth.

  • Anthony - 2012-01-28 20:27

    well that was a good investment $200m for Africa, not bad!

      rbczovczov - 2012-01-29 14:00

      CHINA - clandestinely colonizing Africa right in front of our eyes.

  • Wendy - 2012-01-28 20:30

    so .. guess who owns Africa .. ching ching !

  • Lesley - 2012-01-28 20:31

    How wonderful, now the heads of state have a beautiful place to gather and do nothing. People are starving in Africa ... but we can justify a $200 mill spend on a fancy building?

  • Gil - 2012-01-28 20:33

    Accept 200millions for a building when we starving... :(

  • Brendon Alberts - 2012-01-28 20:35

    Rape and pillage

  • Piet - 2012-01-28 20:35

    "The towering complex speaks volumes about our friendship to the African people, and testifies to our strong resolve to support African development," Translated: "The towering complex speaks volumes about our need to fool the African people, and testifies to our strong resolve to suck the continent dry while the Africans believe we are their friends. Luckily these African idiots dont suspect anything because of their blind hatred for the West, and think we are nothing like that....whahahahaha"

  • David - 2012-01-28 20:46

    But then surely it must be labelled "The Chinese African Union Headquarters" ?

  • Max - 2012-01-28 20:49

    You stupid, stupid Africans..your going to regret this, just wait and see.

      Uriel - 2012-01-28 20:54

      Booooo Max, n that makes u???????//////

      Max - 2012-01-28 21:03

      Uriel, also African and proud of it but not nearly as short sighted as these AU clowns.

  • Ian - 2012-01-28 20:58

    howzit my china

  • Tony - 2012-01-28 21:08

    There is no such thing as a free lunch. China has a population of 1 billion+ , 1 kid per family etc. In the time of our great grand children, 100 years from now, the entire African continent will be Chinese. They need space and resources.

  • Alva - 2012-01-28 21:32

    AU headquarters- Donated by China to the last brick, built by Chinese and maintained by Chinese. What does this say about the ability of African people? Pretty insulting actually!

  • Comrade - 2012-01-28 21:39


  • Alva - 2012-01-28 21:43

    Typical of African leaders. They will be attending summits at the new AU building surrounded by decadence and luxury. Flown directly from the airport to the helicopter pad on top of the AU building to avoid travelling through the slums of Addis Ababa. Nice one guys!

  • Whitty - 2012-01-28 21:44

    I would be worried that China will colonize Africa, if it was the Africa of my fore fathers or the Africa in your heads.CERTAINLY NOT UNDER MY GUARD. We are in the ERA of Africans reversing the blunders that their fore fathers did.

      John - 2012-01-28 22:16

      Well, you have a number of problems; Your forefathers did whaT they thought was best. They opted for semi-independence. It was the best settlement they could get at the time. Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana declared themselves under the British Empire, when the Boer Republics got close. And EXACTLY what do you guard? You did nothing about the Attempted Genocide of aids sufferers by the Anc, trying to kill them off with Virodene = Benzene. You did nothing about the refusal to give 5 Million aids sufferers proper medication, and their GENOCIDE by denial of treatment. You did nothing about the ANC BLOCKADE of aids treatment money to Kwazulu Natal. Medicine Delayed is Medicine Denied. You did nothing to stop the Arms Deal Bribery and Corruption. You did nothing to stop the Bribery and Corruption in the World Cup, with the first 5 layers of contracts going to ANC people, and only then actually geting the person or company that actually did the job. That is why the accounts are NOT PUBLISHED. You have done nothing to stop the appointment of ignorant, illiterate, negligent, incompetent ANC party idiots to positions like in charge of ESKOM, SABC, etc. So exactly what do you GUARD? Thabo Genocide Mbeki's secret bank accounts?

      Whitty - 2012-01-29 00:05

      John! John! John! I wonder if you notice that everything you mentioned on your literature HAPPENED AND NOT HAPPENING. Might happen but will never sly unnoticed.

  • Fanie - 2012-01-28 21:48

    We in Africa are going to pay a high price for this building. When are the leaders of africa going to wake up. I am afraid that one morning we will wake up to new leaders, the Chinees. If you look around in SA you will find their soldiers already in place.all these Chinees shops and hardly any of them are making money and they are all intelinked. Be aware SA the time is near when the puppets will give everything over to them.

      Whitty - 2012-01-28 21:56

      Don't be funny ,fanie.Learn to distinguish between reality and paranoia and you will be a clever man.

      Juan - 2012-01-29 00:44

      Well just look at what happened when the Dalai Lama wanted to come visit SA. Now you can see who is pulling the strings

  • Abongile Mbauli - 2012-01-28 21:57

    First they sell out to westerners 400 years ago. Today they sell out to easterners. Africa, the whore of the world. . .

      Tshivhombela Fhatuwani - 2012-01-28 22:34

      @ Bongi, that's more than a truth. Isn't that they also qualify as BEE's?

      Abongile Mbauli - 2012-01-28 23:30

      I don't know if they qualify or not. I just wonder how africa will handle another sugar daddy. Africa already owes billions to the west, which uses that to strangle development in Africa. It's only january and there are already so many Eish-moments.

  • - 2012-01-28 21:58

    You get a building, the Chineese get minerals and land to grow food to feed the Chineese. Not a good deal for you guys.

      Juan - 2012-01-29 00:46

      And the Chinese doesn't create much in the form of employment either, they use their own workers which is far more productive than Africans, and they don't strike.

  • Tshivhombela Fhatuwani - 2012-01-28 22:00

    Colonisers of the 21st century, it's just like out of a frying pan and jump straight into open fire. Africa will remain stagnant for as long as they partner with China who is a lion in the sheep skin. Is this the goodwill gesture? I smell the rat!

      Marius Koen - 2012-01-28 22:11

      I agree 100% with you.

  • Levi - 2012-01-28 22:43

    Shame to African leaders and its leadership!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • georg.laing - 2012-01-28 22:44

    Can you say "neo-colonialism"?

  • Charmaine - 2012-01-28 23:30

    The Chinese are taking over South Africa as well, people are complaining,but no one listens, It was a joke recently when Zuma went to China, the men on the streets said that he went there to get a Chinese wife. Child labor, and every thing is made in China. John has very good comments here and so are the others. We should all sit in the "WHITEHOUSE" LOL

  • Alex - 2012-01-29 00:29

    Hahaha the Chinese have this lot, hook line and sinker

  • Chaapo - 2012-01-29 02:50

    We have Chinese built stuff in Zim. Sub-standard; case in point being the Zimbabwe National Stadium - cracking and sinking in less than 30 years yet structures built way before then are still standing proud. No thank you but celebrate all these trinkets if you want- no different from trinkets offered to chiefs for slaves by the Europeans with no real benefit to the people brutalized by the system. We are seeing the same- a flood of poor quality products which are decimating our own industries , abusive working conditions where the Chinese are operating,the continuing extraction of raw materials for finishing in China to re-export to us and without any skills transfere to the locals. We always have our hand out for alms from others because the leaders do not want us to do it for ourselves the thinking being if we open our eyes and are self-sufficient, they then cannot control us. Many African leaders benefit from the chronic poverty of their people which makes the poor subservient to the leaders and their cronnies for the crumbs they are willing to spare. We become overwhelmed by the effort to just survive that the politics which shape our lived expereinces become the least of our concerns. Otherwise, how do you rationalise the power wielded by the likes of Zuma, Malema and Mugabe?

  • beryl.knipe - 2012-01-29 04:42

    Two hundred million US Dollars? WTH? Well that's all very sweet, isn't it? Perhaps this fantastic building can house the millions of sick, starving Ethiopians?

  • ISO - 2012-01-29 06:42

    Yip, China has dropped anchor! this is from where they will suck Africa dry!

  • John - 2012-01-29 08:47

    china beware the African dog has a trait of bitting the hand that feeds it

  • Gibbaan Erasmus - 2012-01-29 09:21

    At least China is developing and investing in Africa. Most of these African countries can't do anything for themselves. They're corrupt and just depend on hand-outs. I'm all for the Chinese invasion.

  • Zebelon - 2012-01-29 12:18

    Twenty-first century colonisation(continental) is surely being affirmed. What a dismal prospect to the peoples of Africa.

  • SarelJBotha - 2012-01-29 12:26

    Confucious says: Chinese man never give present for free.

  • Showerhead Zooma - 2012-01-30 06:45

    Building made in China not designed to last long -like china goods. Maybe we get lucky and it fall down during meeting of all African scum bag leaders inside. Seriously though, Africa is such a joke, even the supposedly 'proud AU' with its theme of 'African renaissance' has to take hand outs for it's own headquarters. The African race would have been long extinct without colonization. Too lazy to even feed themselves.

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