AU disregards ICC Gaddafi warrant

2011-07-02 22:23

Malabo - The African Union has called on its member states to disregard the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, a move that could weaken the ability of the world court to hold the Libyan leader accountable for crimes committed against his people.

The decision passed late on Friday states that the warrant against Gaddafi "seriously complicates" efforts by the African Union to find a political solution to the crisis in Libya.

AU chairperson Jean Ping told reporters that the ICC is "discriminatory" and only goes after crimes committed in Africa while ignoring those committed by Western powers including in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"With this in mind, we recommend that the member states do not co-operate with the execution of this arrest warrant," said the motion which was shown to The Associated Press and whose passage was confirmed by Daniel Adugna, a spokesperson in the AU commissioner's office.

If the AU's 53 member states abide by the decision, it opens the possibility that Gaddafi could avoid prosecution by seeking refuge on the soil of neighbouring nations.

That has so far been the case for the former dictator of Chad, Hissene Habre, who was given asylum in Senegal over 20 years ago, and who is yet to face trial for the alleged torture of hundreds of his opponents even though Senegal agreed in 2006 to create an ad hoc court to try Habre.

Gaddafi's chief of staff who was present at this week's African Union summit applauded the AU's decision, holding a copy of it in his hand on Friday evening as the heads of state emerged for their declaration after a day of closed-door deliberations regarding Libya's future.

Diplomats said that the African body is divided between those that believe Gaddafi needs to step down immediately and those that want to find a dignified exit for a long-time peer.

"This is a Libyan affair and it needs to stay a Libyan affair," said Gaddafi's chief of staff Bashir Saleh. "How can you ask someone to leave his own house?"

Also on Friday, the AU passed a decision saying Senegal must assume its responsibilities and try Habre - or else allow him to be extradited to Belgium, which has offered to try the Chadian leader.

"It is incumbent on Senegal in accordance with its international obligations to take steps to bring Hissene Habre to trial, or extradite him," the statement said.

  • Macho Mike - 2011-07-02 22:27

    Believe the AU and Gadafffi, and you might as well believe that you have won the lottery. The only "peace" Gsdaffi knows is a piece of AK47, a piece of a rocket or a piece of machine gun.The man is a caitiff; a psychotic, murderous terrorist who is long overdue to find a THV – Terminal High Velocity Bullet - placed between his ears.

  • Vlooi - 2011-07-02 22:50

    "AU disregards ICC Gaddafi warrant" - just a nice way to save face. Africa has no idea HOW to handle old Gaddafi. "How can you ask someone to leave his own house?" - hell mate, over here in the Southern tip of Africa we get told to leave the continent if we're not happy. So get a Rolex, pick up some weight, do a woodwork class and just tell him to leave. We've got a fat Pedi over here that can help.

  • BrokenLink - 2011-07-02 23:35

    Well why would they support the ICC, they are almost all guilty of the same crimes as Gaddafi.

      OZNOB - 2011-07-02 23:38


  • John Paul - 2011-07-02 23:49

    What do you expect from the association of genociders?

      Datbrotherfromthestates - 2011-07-03 00:56

      John Paul.. you MUST be referring to APARTHIED corect?

      Worldwise - 2011-07-03 06:51

      If you want to speak numbers, more blacks were killed by the ANC than by the apartheid forces during the so called struggle just for thinking differently. Do a bit of research or ask Winnie and her necklace boys. Read a book by Paul Trewhela, an insider of the ANC that will tell you the same.

  • pisang - 2011-07-03 01:56

    @ Datbrotherfromthestates: Pathetic Racist

      Worldwise - 2011-07-03 06:53

      Wow, this dude from the states hides in a white mans country and derides the whites in SA. Come over here and live in your African paradise created by African racists like you. You might feel at home.

      Anton - 2011-07-03 07:22

      Datdisturbedguy, No wonder you don't live in SA, nobody wants you here, Not even the most radical black movements want you amongst them. You are a LONER Yes, Everybody is entitled to their opinion, except you !!! We don't want your sick twisted racist garble here. And those words ,bigots, apartheid and al quada, have become so boring, Its the same crap over and over. Go and get yourself a job, and if you can't get one, ask your hero gadaffi to send you a ticket to Tripoli. He will pay you well, to help him kill some more Libyans. In the meantime your rubbish thoughts against a wall in New York. Thank you.

      Serias - 2011-07-03 07:45


      Liberty - 2011-07-03 08:28

      @datbrother in the racism department you fare very well. In fact I haven't yet come across any posts done by either black or white readers of this forum that smacks of racism and hatred as much as yours. You have no concept of this country, you are telling people born in a country half the world away from you to bugger to leave their country. I am sure that I can speak for most black people in SA that your racism is over the top and uncalled for. It's easy to post crap like that over the internet, but why don't you come to SA and say those things to someone's face. Let's see how long you last here

  • Deeteem - 2011-07-03 07:17

    Here we go again - that black mentality of put your head in the sand and it will go away !!

  • Walter - 2011-07-03 07:45

    If Hitler had lived in Africa in these times, how happy he would have been, moving to some erotic destination to live out his life in luxury and excess! African nations have no guts at all and dwell on hand-outs from the Gadaffi's et al!

      Pundit - 2011-07-05 18:41

      There were Hitlers in Africa - Vorwoed, Malan, Botha etc and yes they did live in peace and excess and yes Africans had no guts concerning the werewolves.

  • Happygas - 2011-07-03 08:18


  • shatzi - 2011-07-03 09:34

    AU disreggards icc warrant - this is africa,they disregard anything that could hold one of them accountable for their crimes.This continent is run by a bunch of mafia wannabees,they feel they can do as they please and there will be no consequenses for their actions,I say kill Gadaffi and set the tone for all these banana republic leaders to wake up or face extermination

      Kunta-Kinte - 2011-07-03 12:01

      Africa has every right to disregard western imperialism. You pale leaders are murdering Iraqis, Afghans,Pakistanese and Libyans as we speak and have been murdering and pillaging ever since they learned to sail a ship. Killing is a European pastime, from Alexander to the Romans to Hitler to the current shytes in cameron and sarkozy. America was founded on genocide so was Australia.

      Martin du Plessis - 2011-07-03 13:22

      Thats the kind of mentality that will NEVER let africa rise above the cesspool it is currently in, and will make it subject to colonization AGAIN and AGAIN (it's asias turn this time)

  • beicime - 2011-07-03 18:30

    Gadaffi is not a saint at all but I agree with the AU. The timing of the warrant does not make it credible.

  • Nic - 2011-07-04 12:58

    Bravo AU! Let the ICC go to hell or else they must issue warrant for George Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Sarkozy etc for crimes committed in foreign soils.

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