AU pledges $380m for famine aid

2011-08-25 21:29

Addis Ababa - African leaders have pledged nearly $380m to help famine-hit families in the Horn of Africa.

During a donor conference held on Thursday at the African Union headquarters in Ethiopia's capital, the African Development Bank in a statement announced a donation of $300m for long-term development in the Horn of Africa, to be spent by 2013. Nations also pledged $28.8m in food donations.

African leaders promised to donate $51m, the most generous donors being Algeria with $10m, Egypt with $6m, and Angola with $5m.

African leaders had been criticised for not doing enough to help those affected by the famine. The UN says 12.4 million people need food aid and tens of thousands have died. Aid groups had said they wanted at least $50m from Thursday's conference.

  • duna - 2011-08-25 22:26

    so like....errrm....where is this money coming from indirectly? first world countries, I bet.....

  • Sisie - 2011-08-26 07:55

    The taxpayer of course...where else did you think this money was coming from. Wouldn't it be nice if all members of AU got given a piece of paper with the country they represent on and they have to write a number - instead of one trying to out do the other. Since the last drought in that area you would have thought that they would have got hold of and used the technology of desalinating sea water, that way they would have water for crops, animals and their own people. But that didn't happen - why not? They don't seem to learn from their own mistakes, but just keep repeating them.

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