AU to spare no effort to resolve conflict

2012-10-16 07:35

Johannesburg - The African Union would spare no effort to try and resolve conflict in Mali and the Sahel region, newly-elected commission chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said on Monday.

"This crisis has the potential to spread across the region and even the continent," she said during the hand-over ceremony in Addis Ababa, according to a copy of her speech.

Dlamini-Zuma said the AU would continue to provide support to both Sudan and South Sudan, the Somali government, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Guinea Bissau.

She said peace and stability were a prerequisite for social, economic, and human development, and good governance.

"We must not forget that these pockets of conflict not only cause untold suffering, death and destruction, but also impede the social, political, and economic development of the rest of the continent."

She said the AU would discuss ways to improve co-operation and co-ordination with the United Nations.

"Conflict resolution, important as it may be, must be balanced with development, because the majority of our countries are stable and are developing. But if we neglect them, they may become unstable."

The common goal was to pull the continent from poverty and underdevelopment.

Africa should be united to ensure it was a force for global change. Dlamini-Zuma said the magnitude of the task did not escape her.

  • raymond.billson - 2012-10-16 10:39

    the military forces need to be instructed in CMO - Civil Military Operations. This is a 3 week instructional and practical process of instruction and aware of International Humanitarian Law, rules of engagement among many many other subjects. It is a proven and tested way of bringing the military, government personnel, police and local people together. The courses are run by ex military personnel and businessmen that seen and been on the battlefield thereby relating to the military and the students being taught.Email me at cinaoprojects@gmail for further details and a breakdown of the subjects. War will start to dissipate and decline when all miltary forces in Africa have gone through the process.

  • juliusedwa - 2012-10-16 11:19

    AU and SADC and ECOWAS and their so whatever in the region they will remain a dog without teeth until the rest of their life, without western involvement Africa will not solve any single crise, we have so many examples, Zimbambwe,Madgascar, Sudan, Mali, Ivory Coast, angola and the list is endless, none those solved by african body without outside help, and to me SADC, AU those are just wasting of money and resources everytime a summit a summit with useless agendas,

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