Algeria angered by Aisha Gaddafi comments

2011-12-02 07:19

Algiers - Algeria on Thursday slammed as "unacceptable" comments by Aisha Gaddafi, the daughter of the slain Libyan leader, after she called for the overthrow of her country's interim government.

The foreign ministry warned that she had abused the hospitality of Algeria, where she fled in August along with her mother and two of her brothers and was granted exile on humanitarian grounds.

"We deplore these unacceptable statements as much as we deplore the fact that Madame Aisha Gaddafi has violated, for the second time, the rules of the hospitality that was accorded to her in Algeria as a humanitarian gesture," said Amar Belani, spokesperson of Foreign Minister Murad Medelci.

"The Gaddafi family is hosted in Algeria for a [limited] time," he said in a statement quoting the minister, also warning that the "new transgression" would carry consequences.

The late dictator's daughter said in an audio message aired Tuesday on Syrian-based Arrai television: "Avenge the blood of your martyr. Revolt against the new government."

She also stressed that her father Muammar Gaddafi, who was killed on October 20 after his capture by forces loyal to the National Transitional Council, "did not abandon" Libya's people.

Her comments are thought to be in violation of an exile agreement with Algeria to refrain from any political activity.

She had already made similar comments back in September, when she denounced the NTC as "traitors" and called on the Libyan people to rise up against the new rulers.

  • Nigel - 2011-12-02 08:15

    she still alive?

      Dave - 2011-12-03 13:33

      Greedy, spoilt bitch, lived on blood money all her life.

  • Markrschulz - 2011-12-02 08:32

    Brazen harlot. Sitting safely in a foreign country, stoking violence... Maybe she can come and visit South Africa. They love that kind of person except when China tells them not to.

  • ellen.sherman1 - 2011-12-03 02:10

    Come on, let her be angry. I am more than slightly miffed myself. I know that all our Pentagon does is look for places to have more wars so they can keep the arms industry working. The Libyans don't know that. But this is now much larger than just national or regional, its global. No regular people in any country wants the New World Order and later its gonna be too late. Anger is a better level than sad, because sad is the bottom rung of the emotional levels.

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