Bozize family in DRC

2013-03-24 22:06

Kinshasa - Members of Central African President Francois Bozize's family have sought refuge in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, a security source in Kinshasa told AFP on Sunday, but the whereabouts of the leader himself remain unknown.

Some 25 Bozize family members are staying in a hotel or in religious housing in the city of Zongo, on the other side of the Oubangui river across from the Central African capital, according to the source who said his information came from a local community leader.

The source could not say if Bozize had fled with his family, after rebels on Sunday seized control of the capital Bangui after a rapid assault.

Bozize reportedly has left Central Africa. He has not been seen since his return from a brief visit to South Africa on Friday.

Government spokesperson Lambert Mende told AFP Sunday that Bozize "had not asked to come to the DRC... He has not arrived."

He also said he spoke with the mayor of Zongo, who reported an influx of refugees from Central Africa.