Cameroon to toughen laws against gays

2011-08-20 12:33

Yaounde - Cameroon is preparing to toughen laws against homosexuality, already a crime in the country, by equating gay acts with paedophilia, two gay rights activists told AFP on Friday.

"The government is preparing a reform to the criminal code. In its draft law, it has both maintained and worsened punishment for homosexuality," Alice Nkom, lawyer and president of the Cameroonian Association for the Defence of Homosexuality, said.

"It has widened its jurisdiction and created confusion between homosexuality and paedophilia, which will allow judges to condemn more people more easily," she said.

In the draft law, homosexual acts in general remain punishable by between six months to five years imprisonment, activist Stephane Koche said.

Two new by-laws however punish homosexual acts on minors between 16 and 21 years of age to eight years in jail with 10-15 year terms available for acts committed on minors younger than 16, Koche said.

The new law thus equates acts committed on both age groups as paedophilia, Koche said.

Since late July, two young Cameroonians have been in custody awaiting trial after being surprised by police allegedly committing sex acts in a vehicle with a third person.

In August 2010, rights group Human Rights Watch and local activists Alternatives-Cameroun called for the decriminalisation of homosexuality invoking recommendations made by the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations.

  • PinkAndProud - 2011-08-20 13:29

    Africa is so backward, not to mention primitive!

      Mark - 2011-08-21 21:47

      @wsm - I am myself a heterosexual Christian male and believe in freedom in Christ. I would, however, like to challenge your reasoning here. We are firm believers that God does not make mistakes, yes? That God's creation is perfect and intended, yes? The Bible here presents a double standard which is a total lapse in sound reasoning. You cannot simply dictate to a gay/lesbian/bisexual man or woman that they should 'repent' and rid themselves of homosexual desires. That is just like saying to a straight man that he should not be attracted to women or act on those desires. You may wish, now, to argue the nature vs nurture debate to which I will reply that homosexuality is internal and a part of genetic make-up (using logic to make this assumption). Gay men and women do not choose their sexual attraction - every non-straight person I know has affirmed this. So while I believe in Christ as the Saviour, I also believe that narrow human thought through the ages has generated a hetero-normative interpretation of ancient Biblical texts. You're entitled to your views but I send out the challenge to all people to consider your own way of life and thinking and ask yourself WHY you are thinking in this manner. If God does not make mistakes and gay men and women do not choose their sexuality, then where is the logic in pleading for repentance of homosexuals for engaging in the same acts that you do, but with same-sex partners? Just some thoughts...

      theo_dore - 2011-08-21 22:26

      @wsm: Pressuring homosexuals to falsely live as heterosexuals does immeasurable damage to society. People like you are coercing some gays into spending their lives in loveless relationships, which is incredibly unfair to them, not to mention their unsuspecting heterosexual partners. Also, children coming out of such a loveless union are far more likely to end up screwed up.

      wsm - 2011-08-21 23:46

      Theodore - did you read what I wrote? I never said .. homosexuals (should be) to falsely live as heterosexuals..' and never said we should be 'coercing some gays...' Nonsense! I wrote 'gays should be free to decide their own lives'. I dont believe in legislated discrimination. But I believe in biblical revelation. @Mark: Just be clear that your Jesus cannot be the one of the Bible, if you regard the bible as ancient, etc. God sure does not make mistakes, as you say, so why is there a devil? Pain, rape, murder, hate, etc? Your reasoning does not make sense. Its not the bible that has a double standard - its quite consistent in its reasoning. Its you who have double standards. Gods creation WAS perfect until sin entered it by the Fall. Homosexuality has throughout biblical revelation been revealed as sinful, behaviour, and in fact an abomination in the sight of God. Different texts declare that 'such cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven'. If you differ, obviously you know better than the Prophets and the Apostles.. It seems to me you are conjuring up your own Christ, not the one who died to free us from sin.. including homosexuality.

      theo_dore - 2011-08-22 11:43

      wsm: In your previous post you referred to previously gay people that are now in heterosexual marriages. This is the people I am referring to that have been pressurized and marginalized by people like yourself to deny who they truly are and create dysfunctional if "normal" families. So I am referring to emotional, not legal, coercion. These people desire nothing more than to fit in, and this desire is exploited by fundamentalist christianity.

  • twocats - 2011-08-21 07:17

    rather short-sighted, considering homosexuality is definitely not Cameroon's most serious problem! YET ANOTHER instance of the most unfortunate and ever repeating stupidity of some of Africa's politicians...

  • Anton - 2011-08-21 07:31

    10 to 15 years jail, for ones who commit sexual acts, on anyone under the age of 16, No problem, 20 years is also fine. But if there are ones who want to interfere in the sexual preferences of adults, than THEY should go to jail !!!!!

  • Bill - 2011-08-21 17:51

    Thank GOD for Slavery, because maybe if it wasn't for slavery, I too would be stuck on the continent of Africa!!! When will Black people stop their stupidity and get on with creating opportunities for their people? Homosexuality exist in every part of the world from time unknown, and persecuting gays today will not end homosexuality tomorrow - Two men sharing one bed does not create drought, poverty, social injustice, etc etc - Well Continue persecuting God's children and let's see how prosperous Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Uganda etc will become.

  • Maurice - 2011-10-10 16:49

    This includes Cameroon, use it in your struggle for the gay cause there. Expose that this court change, a massive advance in democracy, applies to Cameroon. Since 7 July 1999 all court or other legal decisions are open-endedly faultable on their logic, instead of final. "Open to open-ended fault finding by any party". Its shifting of power in favour of ordinary people ensures that it has been under a media silence. Still, it is on publicly traceable record through petitions 730/99 in the European, PE6 and PE360 in the Scottish, parliaments. This follows from my European Court of Human Rights case 41597/98 on a scandal of insurance policies requiring evictions of unemployed people from hotels in Britain. This case referred to violation of civil status from 13 May 1997, yet the admissibility decision claimed the last stage of decision taken within Britain was on 4 Aug 1995. ECHR has made itself illegal, by issuing a syntactically contradictory nonsense decision that reverses the physics of time, and calling it final. This violates every precedent that ECHR member countries' laws recognise the chronology of cause and effect, in court evidence. Hence, the original ECHR is now, and since then, an illegal entity, because it broke all preexisting precedent that courts recognise the correct order of time, and it claimed a power of finality to issue decisions whose content is a factual impossibility. But for the original ECHR to lapse in this way, also breaches the European

      Maurice - 2011-10-10 16:53

      Convention's section on requiring an ECHR to exist. Hence, this section requires the member countries to create a new ECHR that removes the original's illegality. The source of the illegality being left standing was in the claimed power of final decision. Hence, the only way the new court can remove the illegality is by being constituted such that its decisions are not final. If decisions are not final, the only other thing they can be is open-endedly faultable. This requires the courts in the member countries to be compatible with open-ended decisions and with doing in-country work connected to them. Hence, legal decisions within the member countries' courts also cease to be final and become open-ended, in all the Council of Europe countries. The concept of "leave to appeal" is abolished and judges no longer have to be crawled to as authority figures. Every party in a case is automatically entitled to lodge a fault finding against any decision, stating reasons. These are further faultable in return, including by the original fault finder, stating reasons. A case reaches its outcome when all fault findings have been answered or accepted. The first fault finding to make, is that all unaffordable legal costs are abolished by how they conflict with the world human rights principle of access to justice. Folks have waited centuries for a chance to say this. See how far reaching is the reform the court change can do once it starts? World trade irreversibly means

      Maurice - 2011-10-10 16:58

      jurisdictions are not cocooned but have overlapping cases. When a case overlaps an affected and unaffected country, the unaffected country becomes affected, through having to deal with open ended case content open-endedly, that can affect any number of other cases open-endedly. Open-endedness is created in its system. So the court change is of far-reaching international interest. Anyone can add to the list of countries outside the Council of Europe whose people can lay claim to the court change. This list shows autocracies, pending their freer futures, as well as democracies. United States through many transatlantic cases, pick any, e.g. Natwest 3, Enron, Gary Mackinnon. Or, to get the United States and Canada into the court change right from the start date, I can offer my still stalled ethical dispute about brain research with Arizona university in that period, that was obstructed by a US government office. Also, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand all through their CJD ban on British blood donations in 2000. South Africa and Lesotho through a WHO case against American pharmaceutical ethics there. Nigeria through reported Nigerian drug mafia crime in South Africa. Cameroon through the Bakassi Peninsula issue with Nigeria.

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