Child soldiers recruited in Libya

2011-03-11 20:48

Geneva – The UN officials say they are getting reports that child soldiers are being recruited to fight for Muammar Gaddafi loyalists in Libya - which would be a war crime.

Unicef spokesperson Marixie Mercado told The Associated Press on Friday there is "a serious concern" that child soldiers are among the mercenaries that Gaddafi is hiring to attack rebel forces.

The spokesperson for the UN children's agency said the mercenaries come from Chad, Niger, Central African Republic and Sudan's Darfur region, which are all places "with known child soldiers".

The UN special envoy for children in armed conflicts, Radhika Coomaraswamy, also says human rights groups and local civilians are providing unconfirmed reports that children are being killed and injured by taking up arms in Libya.

  • goya - 2011-03-11 21:48

    What a shame

  • Madelane - 2011-03-12 09:34

    Investing young minds for future instability and brutality......politicians are truly the lowest form of humanity as they will do anything to stay in power. Gene pool scrapings.

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