Clinton urges talks to end Egypt crisis

2012-07-10 14:06

Hanoi - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday called for talks among all those involved in a showdown between the Egyptian parliament and the military to bring an end to the crisis.

"We urge that there be intensive dialogue among all of the stake-holders in order to ensure that there is clear path for them to be following," she said in a press conference after talks in Vietnam.

The Egyptian people should "get what they protested for and what they voted for, which is a fully elected government making the decisions for the country going forward", she added.

Egypt's Islamist-dominated parliament convened on Tuesday in defiance of the powerful military and the judiciary, following a decree by newly-elected President Mohammed Morsi to reinstate the assembly.

"We are gathered today to review the court rulings, the ruling of the Supreme Constitutional Court," which ordered the court invalid, speaker Saad al-Katatni said.

"I want to stress, we are not contradicting the ruling, but looking at a mechanism for the implementation of the ruling of the respected court. There is no other agenda today," he added.

Clinton, who is currently visiting Vietnam as part of a tour of Southeast Asia, will travel to Egypt at the weekend to meet with president Morsi.

  • fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-10 14:32

    It is your country that is paying the military not to surrender to the Muslim Brotherhood. So much for supporting democracy.

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-07-11 04:47

      You just continue making up your own "facts" , and as long as they are anti Western, you are happy ! You don't have the intelligence, to understand complex issues. But be rest assured, the Egyptians will get exactly what they wanted when they started their popular uprising. You stilllllllll believe, the West instigated the Arab Spring ???????

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