Clintons admire Nigeria's president

2011-06-10 08:01

New York - Bill and Hillary Clinton both admire Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan - but for different reasons.

At a UN Aids meeting on Thursday, the former US president shared the stage with the Nigerian leader, who was dressed in the traditional caftan and black bowler hat of his Niger Delta home.

Clinton congratulated Jonathan on his recent election.

"We wish you well," Clinton said. "I can tell you the secretary of state tells me your hats are always cool."

The ministers, diplomats, Aids activists and VIPs at the meeting burst into laughter and then applauded loudly.

"And I envy your name," Clinton went on to more laughter. "If I'd had a name like Goodluck I might still be in office."

  • ??Steve??™ - 2011-06-10 08:40

    hahahaha, if i'd had a name like Goodluck i might still be in office. goodluck hahhaa that's an awesome compliment

  • Oluseun - 2011-06-10 10:00


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