Congo TV - reunite children, parents

2012-03-05 20:26

Brazzaville - Congolese television on Monday sought to reunite dozens of children separated from their parents in the panic that followed a series of devastating blasts at a munitions depot in the capital.

Sunday's explosions killed at least 150 people, Interior Minister Raymond Mboulou said, adding that more than 1 000 people had been injured.

"People who escaped the March 4 events with children shown on the screen are asked to phone the numbers attached to each picture," the state broadcaster said as it displayed a series of photographs.

It also showed a group of some 20 children in a TV studio and appealed to anyone recognising them to get in touch with the station.

Thousands of people fled the Mpila district of the capital Brazzaville when a munitions warehouse at a local military barracks exploded.