Cops fire teargas at Swazi protesters

2012-07-06 15:35

Mbabane - Police in Swaziland used teargas to disperse protesters marching to demand more pay for teachers in the tiny southern African nation.

An Associated Press reporter saw an unknown number of people who appeared to be hurt as the crowd ran for shelter Friday.

The clash kept about 500 protesters from joining another 1 000 gathered at a bus station in Swaziland's capital.

The protesters are mainly teachers and parents demanding a raise for educators, who have been on strike for weeks after calling for a 4.5% increase in salaries.

Swaziland has been struggling with economic problems for more than a year.

  • AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-07-06 17:27

    One day, this Mswati THUG, will go the same way as gaddafi, hitching a lift on the back of a bakkie !!!

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