DRC Ebola outbreak spreading

2012-09-09 20:37

Goma - Local authorities in eastern Congo say that the lack of information on Ebola and the traditional practice of washing corpses before funerals are helping the epidemic to spread.

Fifteen people have died in the current outbreak, which started in mid-August. It started in the village of Isiro and has now spread to Viadana. Medical experts say increased education is needed to encourage people to use extreme caution when washing the bodies of Ebola victims before burial.

The disease is spread by contamination from body fluids, including sweat.

Although this is the ninth Ebola epidemic in Congo, it is the first one in the Haut-Ul territory, in northeastern Congo. Ebola has no cure and is deadly in 40% to 90% of cases.

The disease causes severe internal bleeding.

  • barry.mcbride - 2012-09-09 22:06

    "deadly in 40% to 90% of cases" LOL, what does that mean? It’s either one or the other, or an average of 65%?

  • pinky.dabrain.9 - 2012-09-09 22:07

    This virus REALLY scares me! A heamoraghic fever!!! What a horrific way to go! Wish they would discover conclusively where and how the virus is contracted. My own theory is that of a simian virus similar to an avain flu type virus that crosses over to humans.

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