DRC cops in door-to-door raids, 4 dead

2011-12-10 22:38

Kinshasa - Police in an unmarked car are rounding up young men in opposition neighbourhoods in Congo's capital a day after election results declared the incumbent president the winner.

A team of reporters saw the group of police officers force their way into a home in Kinshasa on Saturday. They dragged out a young man and threw him into the back of the waiting car.

The scene was repeated a few blocks later.

Human Rights Watch senior researcher Anneke Van Woudenberg says she is receiving calls from residents in neighborhoods throughout the city reporting abductions by security forces.

Congo's capital remained tense on Saturday. The country's opposition leader rejected the results and proclaimed himself president, setting the stage for confrontation.

Four people were killed in Kinshasa on Friday and Saturday in unrest that followed the announcement of DRC President Joseph Kabila's re-election, the national police chief said.

The victims were three looters who were shot by security forces and a woman hit by a stray bullet, General Charles Bisengimana told reporters.

  • Paris - 2011-12-11 17:16

    What is shocking is the silent of the so called international criminal court!!!People are being killed in homes and Moreno isn`t saying a word.But he has threatened the opposition if it calls for resistance.We`ll prevail even if the whole world conspire against our freedom and development.

  • GKISSELLA - 2011-12-12 03:39

    Yes to Election, no to Selection. Alll the DRC needs, is peace in order to improve the lives of millions of her people rather than feeding them with empty hopes from a disoriented opposition.

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