DRC force - no money or credibility

2012-09-09 16:55

Kampala - A proposed "neutral international force" to enforce peace in eastern DRC could be hampered by a lack of money and international credibility, some officials and analysts say, after a summit of regional leaders reached agreement Saturday on the force's composition.

Tanzania, which is not known for having a muscular military, was the first country to offer troops, without specifying how many. Kenya, Angola and the Republic of Congo are the only other countries that will contribute to the force, but they have not yet put their offers on the table.

Without cash and a clear mandate such a force may remain a pipe dream, some say.

Angelo Izama, an analyst with a security think tank called Fanaka Kwawote, said the regional leaders are "simply going through the motions".

  • gerhard.kress.3 - 2012-09-10 11:24

    You were crying for african solutions to african problems.

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