DRC rebels execute opponents - claim

2012-11-21 22:14

New York - The rebels sweeping across eastern Democratic Republic of Congo are carrying out "summary executions" of local leaders and moving against a government army base, the UN heard on Wednesday.

The M23 rebels have expanded their list of demands are now making "offensive moves" from Goma toward a new army base at Sake in Nord Kivu province, United Nations envoy Roger Meece told the UN Security Council.

Meece said the rebels are trying to set up "a formal administrative or governing structure" in the region they now control.

"We have received numerous reports of targeted summary executions of those who stand in their way, including government and traditional leaders who resist or fail to cooperate with an M23 administrative structure," he said.

Meece said that since the fall of the key eastern city of Goma this week there have been demonstrations in several cities against the UN presence and the government and he feared that these could spread.

The M23 rebels took Goma on Tuesday and have said they will march on the capital Kinshasa.

The group, which is led by at least one wanted war criminal, launched their rebellion in April. UN experts say they have had backing from neighbouring Rwanda, although Kigali denies this.

The Security Council went into consultations on DRC after Meece's briefing and a Rwandan diplomat was present as the country will join the 15-member council in January, diplomats said.

  • guy.alain.7967 - 2012-11-22 08:15

    kabila must go!

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