Down with Assad, Egypt protesters say

2012-09-05 07:55

Cairo - Witnesses say Egyptian security forces have clashed with dozens of protesters in front of the Syrian Embassy in Cairo, chanting against the Syrian President Bashar Assad.

A security official says seven protesters were arrested and 16 people were injured, including soldiers, in the stone-throwing clash. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak to reporters.

Protesters chanted, "down with the Bashar [Assad] regime". They tried but failed to break through the security cordon surrounding the embassy building to hang a Free Syrian Army flag and take down the official one, witnesses said.

Clashes then spread to nearby US Embassy.

During the 17-month-Syrian uprising, anti-Assad protests in Cairo have been relatively small. Egypt has hosted conferences of Syrian opposition groups.

  • AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-09-05 09:01

    GREAT !! To see other Arab nations go to the streets to demand the departure of this assad tyrant, will do the Syrians good. The leaders of most nations, including the ones from the West, have allowed this monster to slaughter 26 ooo of Syrians. Shame on them !!

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-09-05 14:42

      Reading Madhi's post, it's clear who has Nazi tendencies. He actually enjoys it when his own community gets hurt, beaten up. Sad.

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-09-06 01:10

      Madhi, In your tiny little head, you got NO IDEA, what free speech is about and independent journalism! It are criminals like you, who abuse what you deny others !!!

  • Madhi - 2012-09-05 22:36

    Again, these are bunch of hooligans who had nothing else to do but to shout and through stones. Have they asked themselves why today there is not a single country that has welcomed a rebel ambassador, let alone the rebel flag?

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-09-07 15:24

      Just Egypt and Turkey alone, two big Muslim nations with a combined population of 150 million Muslims, right in Syria's neighborhood, are taking a stand against the brutal murder of Syrians and their families by the unelected dictator Bashar Assad. Sad that you aren't. But then there hasn't been a single post by you that denounces this human tragedy at the hands of an unelected dictator. Such is your delusion.

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