Drought leaves millions hungry in E Africa

2011-04-04 11:50

Nairobi - The head of the United Nations' World Food Programme says a severe drought, high food prices and conflict have left more than five million people hungry across the Horn of Africa.

Josette Sheeran says the drought began with the failure of rains late last year in northern and eastern regions of Kenya, south-central Somalia and eastern Ethiopia.

The agency said the previous figure rose by 1.4 million.

Sheeran visited Kenya's capital on Saturday on a fact-finding mission.

She warned that the number of people in need of food assistance could increase further if the region sees more poor rains.

The UN said last month that global food prices are the highest in 20 years.

  • jo montagne - 2011-09-27 21:29

    The only aid we can give them is birth control. It is pathetic to watch babies starve to death and because of ignorance and religion and culture, the females have a baby every year. The only tragedy here is the poor, helpless animals, boith wild and domesticat­ed, that will suffer much more than humans.

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