Dutch urged not to send Somalis home

2013-02-21 22:07

The Hague - Human Rights Watch is urging the Dutch government not to resume returning rejected Somali asylum seekers to Mogadishu until security in the war-scarred city improves.

The appeal amounts to a rebuke from a respected human rights watchdog to a country whose reputation as a welcoming haven for asylum seekers has eroded in recent years.

Justice Minister Fred Teeven announced late last year that the government was halting a 22-month suspension of repatriating Somalis to Mogadishu due to improved security in the city.

The first rejected asylum seeker due to be returned home successfully appealed his deportation this week.

Human Rights Watch refugee advocate Gerry Simpson said on Thursday the Dutch should not resume deportations "until the UN has issued an up-to-date objective assessment of security conditions”.

  • nicholas.breakey - 2013-02-21 22:42

    Enough human nonsense, send them home unless they have monney.

  • konrad.bosco - 2013-02-22 09:27

    What would Gert Wilders have to say about this ? The Netherlands population is already at about 15% muslim , there are no go area's for the indigenous Dutch and Europeans in general due to islamic hatred of European culture and values. Deport these somali's , their nation is a stuff up , it's their problem

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