Ecowas condemns military takeover in Mali

2012-03-22 11:57

Lagos - West Africa regional bloc Ecowas on Thursday condemned actions by renegade Mali soldiers who claimed they had seized power from an "incompetent regime.

"Ecowas strongly condemns the misguided actions of the mutineers and warns that it will not condone any recourse to violence as a means of seeking redress," said a statement by the Economic Community of West African States bloc.

What began as a mutiny over the government's response to the rekindled Tuareg insurrection in the north on Wednesday afternoon turned into a full-blown coup as soldiers seized control of the presidential palace and the government broadcaster.

Putschists, calling themselves the National Committee for the Establishment of Democracy, went on television early on Thursday to announce they had taken over power in the west African country.

Ecowas said it had followed with "dismay and mounting concern" events in Bamako, the capital of its member state Mali.

It said the action by the military was "all the more reprehensible" coming amid regional and international peace efforts to end the Tuareg-led rebellion in the north of the country.

  • Pierre - 2012-03-22 12:36

    Another sign of American interference???????

  • James - 2012-03-22 16:14

    I hope this military take over in Mali will be of good news to Nigeria, this is in view of the fact that, Mali is widely believed to the country where most terrorist groups such as 'BOKO HARAM' have there training camps. So, it's my desire and indeed that of many well meaning Nigerians that,these training camps are demolish.

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