Ecowas seals borders with Mali

2012-03-30 07:36

Bamako - The West Africa regional bloc says it’s sealing its borders with Mali and closing the country's bank account following a coup that overthrew Mali's democratically elected president.

Kadre Desire Ouedraogo, commission president for the bloc known as Ecowas, said on Thursday that Mali's account was being frozen at the regional central bank.

The closure of borders with many neighbouring nations also cuts off Mali's supply of gasoline.

A group of mutinous soldiers seized power last week in a coup, overthrowing President Amadou Toumani Toure, who remains in hiding. He had been due to leave office soon following next month's election.

Several thousand people took to the streets this week in support of the military takeover, indicating that frustration with Toure is more widespread than the mutinous soldiers.

  • Vicky - 2012-03-30 08:23

    I don't know the solution here but one thing is certain, with this step ECOWAS will be responsible for the people in the street (some of them friends of mine) suffering and going hungry. Have they thought of that? The "few" who are now in charge will make sure that they have enough of everything and don't starve even if they have to take it by force, but what about the people?

      Africa21stcentury - 2012-03-30 09:51

      Sure, but besides sending in troops, which will in evidently lead to bloodshed , what other solution, to get those thugs out of power. It is time that Ecowas and the AU , stand up against anyone, who thinks they are allowed to overthrow a democratically elected government !!!!!

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