Ecowas wants UN approval for Mali action

2012-06-16 12:16

New York - West African nations are urging the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution that would authorise any military action it takes in Mali, where a junta-led coup toppled the democratically elected government and rebels then overran the north and declared independence.

Top officials of the West African regional bloc known as Ecowas met behind closed doors on Friday with Security Council ambassadors to discuss the crisis in Mali.

Council diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity because the talks were private, said members still had questions about Ecowas's plans and would be examining the request to authorise military action.

Brieuc Pont, spokesperson for France's UN Mission, tweeted that the Ecowas-Security Council talks made "good progress ... to help Mali uphold its constitutional order and territorial integrity."

Salamatu Hussaini Suleiman, the Ecowas commissioner for political affairs, peace and security, was upbeat, telling reporters after the meeting that the response from the council was "very, very positive".

"We are requesting the UN Security Council to pass a resolution that will legitimise any action - military action - that we are going to take in Mali," she said.

"The situation in Mali is very, very critical," Suleiman said, "and from the response and the support and encouragement we had from council members, we believe this resolution is going to be passed very soon."

She added that the large number of questions indicated the council's commitment to resolving the crisis in Mali.

  • Joseph - 2012-06-16 21:06

    The UN Security Council should not pass any Resolution allowing ECOWAS to invade Mali.Some of these countries are ruled by dictators who dont have genuine mandate from their people to lead them.Majority of them came to power through the barrel of a gun just like what is happening in Mali.The UN will be setting a dangerous precedent by allowing a Regional block to invade a country for what is an internal problem.There has been several coups in Ghana,Nigeria,Togo,Benin,Nigeria,Liberia infact in all the member states of ECOWAS.Why now should the UN body give mandate to mostly illegitimate government to invade another country.This is the mandate of the UN Body and not ECOWAS.Those illegitimate Government used fraudulent elections to legalised their coups.Leave Mali alone to solve its supposed internal problems.

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