Egypt Copt gets 6 yrs for mocking Prophet

2012-09-18 19:20

Cairo - A court in Egypt jailed an Egyptian Christian for six years on Tuesday for mocking the Prophet Muhammad and for insulting Islamist President Mohamed Morsi on social networking sites, a judicial source said.

Beshoi al-Beheiry, from the province of Sohag in central Egypt, was sentenced by a criminal court to three years for defaming Islam after posting offensive cartoons of the prophet on Facebook, the source said.

Beheiry, a teacher, was sentenced to an additional two years for insulting Morsi and one year for insulting the person who brought a lawsuit against him over the cartoons.

The sentence comes amid tensions over a recent film produced by Christian activists in the United States that mocks Islam and that sparked Muslim protests in some 20 countries.

  • riaan.mostert.58 - 2012-09-18 22:03

    Shame. Are they so insecure in their beliefs that they dare not let anyone mock and question their beliefs? And since when have prophets been elevated to god status?

  • Bob.Cee123 - 2012-09-21 00:01

    And yet no one was arrested or murdered for this drawing - how odd

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