Egypt starts voting in presidential run-off

2012-06-16 08:40

Cairo - Egyptians have started voting in the country's presidential run-off, choosing between Hosni Mubarak's ex-prime minister and an Islamist candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood.

The two-day vote started on Saturday. It will produce Egypt's first president since a popular uprising last year ousted Mubarak, who is now serving a life sentence.

The election pits Ahmed Shafiq, who was a career air force officer like Mubarak, against Mohammed Morsi, a US-trained engineer. The winner will be Egypt's fourth president since the monarchy was overthrown nearly 60 years ago.

The race between the two has polarised the nation, with Shafiq viewed as an extension of Mubarak's authoritarian regime. Morsi has raised fears of more religion in government and restricted freedoms if he wins.

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  • AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-06-16 09:02

    Great News !! After 30 plus years of tyranny, at long last the Egyptians choosing themselves, who their leader is going to be ! For sure it will not be a corrupt and ruthless dictator !!

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