Egypt's Morsi to rethink Israel peace pact

2012-06-25 12:42

Tehran - Egypt's Islamist president-elect, Mohamed Morsi, wants to "reconsider" the peace deal with Israel and build ties with Iran to "create a strategic balance" in the Middle East, according to an interview published by Iran's Fars news agency on Monday.

The stated goals are certain to alarm Israel and its ally the United States as they adapt to the new direction Egypt will chart with Morsi at the helm.

They could also boost Iran's influence in the Middle East at a time of heightened tensions between Tehran and the West.

"We will reconsider the Camp David Accord" that, in 1979, forged a peace between Egypt and Israel that has held for more than three decades, Morsi was quoted as telling a Fars reporter in Cairo on Sunday, just before his election triumph was announced.

He said the issue of Palestinian refugees returning to homes their families abandoned in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war and the 1967 Six-Day War "is very important".

Morsi added though that "all these issues will be carried out through cabinet and governmental bodies because I will not take any decision on my own".

Morsi also said he was ready to improve ties with Iran. The Islamic republic broke off diplomatic relations with Egypt in 1980, a year after Cairo signed the peace deal with the Jewish state.

"Part of my agenda is the development of ties between Iran and Egypt that will create a strategic balance in the region," Morsi was quoted as saying.

Lack of legal validity

Although Morsi resigned from Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood to take the top job, Israel is wary of his election, fearing his Islamist record could jeopardise the chilly peace it has long enjoyed with its huge neighbour.

Iran's foreign ministry on Sunday welcomed Morsi's triumph. Its message made no mention, however, of Iran and Egypt resuming diplomatic ties.

Iran's clerical leadership contends that the Arab Spring that toppled veteran Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak and other longtime US allies in the Arab world last year was inspired by its own 1979 Islamic revolution.

Although Iran's predominant faith is Shiite Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood adheres to the Sunni branch of Islam, Tehran has been reaching out to the organisation in Egypt in recent months.

Iran's armed forces chief of staff, General Hassan Firouzabadi, on Monday was quoted by IRNA as echoing the Muslim Brotherhood's rejection of moves by Egypt's military to dissolve the Islamist-led parliament and to give itself a greater say over government policy and the constitution.

"The actions of the military council in Egypt, which considers itself to be selected by Mubarak, lack legal validity and political legitimacy," Firouzabadi said.

  • bwaraaz - 2012-06-25 13:09

    Self destruction for Israel supporting regime change in Libya led to this fiasco

  • Pieter - 2012-06-25 13:16

    Hier kom moeilikheid!!

  • almeleh - 2012-06-25 13:17

    So now the USA will be giving aid to country supporting Iran?

      geoff.liddiard - 2012-06-25 15:09

      I don't think so.

  • cameronrh1 - 2012-06-25 13:20

    Switch on to any major news channel... Al Jazeera, even Iranian state run Press TV. All the major news headlines are all regarding Arab nations... Upgrisings here, churchs blown up there, Suicide bombings, dictatorial islamic states killing their own people. Doesn't that tell you there is something wrong with the religion not the people?

      Chez - 2012-06-25 13:41

      The religion (if followed CORRECTLY) is a good one. it is most certainly the people that have lost the plot. well, some of the people. if you read the K'oran, it is filled with love and compassion and respect for women etc. etc. Sadly, there are a lot of crazy people out there who adapt it to suit themselves; much like a lot of Christians do with the bible. Think of the Muslims in this country. They are peaceloving, good people who treat others with respect. They are calm people with a strong love for family. i'm not fighting with you here, i just don't want thsi to become a relgious bashing contest.

      gadija.ismail - 2012-06-25 14:19

      cameron,if you dont know my religion Islam,please go learn about it,its a very beautiful and peaceful religion,before you make statements like that,then you can base your statements on facts!

      cameronrh1 - 2012-06-25 14:24

      Which is exactly what i have done @gadija

      jaba.kov - 2012-06-25 14:44

      Chez is right - Islamics don’t read their own Qur’an properly... if they did they would know that Allah wants Israel to exist and stay strong; The Qur'an relates the words by which Moses ordered the Israelites to conquer the Land:"And [remember] when Moses said to his people: 'O my people, call in remembrance the favour of God unto you, when he produced prophets among you, made you kings, and gave to you what He had not given to any other among the peoples. O my people, enter the Holy Land which God has assigned unto you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin.'" [Qur'an 5:20-21] Moreover - and those who try to use Islam as a weapon against Israel always conveniently ignore this point - the Holy Qur'an explicitly refers to the return of the Jews to the Land of Israel before the Last Judgment - where it says: "And thereafter We [Allah] said to the Children of Israel: 'Dwell securely in the Promised Land. And when the last warning will come to pass, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd.'" [Qur'an 17:104] To all Muslims please read your Qur'an (The land was put aside for the Jews your Qur'an says so)

      Ashraaf - 2012-06-25 14:47

      @CameronRh1 from your comments it is clear you are a racist zionist who find great comfort in bashing Islam, perhaps the stuff you have been reading is clearly misinforming you, had you read the Koran you would no doubt have understood it better and you would most certainly be a Muslim now, it is still not too late to say your Shahada. Some of the biggest enemies of Islam became the best muslim and stood at the forefront in defending islam against it's enemies. I make duah that you will see the truth.

  • Aaron - 2012-06-25 13:38

    isreal is the real terrorist aparthd state. it needs to be isolated to bring it to its senses. the zionist entities days are up. it will be thrown into the dustbin of history soon.

      stefan.vanderspuy - 2012-06-25 14:09

      Hell will freeze over before Israel ceases to exist. Israel will crush any Muslim country threatening its existence. They have the best defence force in the world, and, as Iran has learned, the best intelligence and agents capable of taking out their best Nuclear Physicists on their doorstep.

      jaba.kov - 2012-06-25 14:51

      Not true aaron - in fact the there is apartheid in the Middl East –its in the Arab world! From ‘Muslim Only’ roads in Saudi, to stoning of Women and Gays in Iran. There is no place on earth where racism and discrimination is as institutionalised as in the Arab world, against Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and other smaller minorities.

      ThinkingChick - 2012-06-25 16:16

      Ya. So that's why it's always muslims blowing themselves and other people up, right?

  • erromel - 2012-06-25 13:42

    Oh common People..Stop blackning the Image of Muslim People...most of you for sure have been to the Golf Nations like Dubai, Bahrein, Qatar, Kwait, Adu Dabi, etc...they are not Terrorist...and for sure you enjoied peace and freedmon on those countries long as you respect their traditions and culture you should be fine...Buy the Way if you Wanna Keep your friends avoid discussing Politics, and Relegion with them...Now For Egypt: ISN IT WHAT DEMOCRACY IS ALL ABOUT? I want to know Who will Say it Was Vote Rigging hahaha The Americans Must Be redfaced now lol looks Like the Whole Arab Spring Covert Operation Is Back Firing Big Time. Lets Wait Elections in Lybia lol that will be Fun. I Believe Syria, Egypt and Iran should Build their on Version of a Regional Aliance for their own security and the prosperity of their Nations...That does not imply having WMDs, and does not Imply Wiping Israel Off the Map. At least the world Would be more Balanced....Because since the Earth is already inclined by 15 Degrees...Imagine if all Countries would Shift to The you Guys Think we would have to redesign, rethink and rebuild our way of Living? so we Need Some counter it comes in the form of China Super Power, Iran (Rise of the Weak), Russia (The Rebirth of and Impire) etc we really need it...VIVA LA DEMOCRACIA AMIGOS

  • keith.f.murphy - 2012-06-25 13:45

    Let Morsi stay a powerless President it will go down in the books of Egyptian history.The first of its kind president powerless.Long live Mubarak

      jaba.kov - 2012-06-25 15:03

      I always said that after a short time under the Islamics they will wish Mubarak was still there. Mubarak might have been a ruthless president but at least the Egyptians had work, a strong army supported by Europe and the rest of the west, and were the respected 'leaders' of the Arab world. Egypt wanted to be close to Europe because Europe provides a high standard of living – that is why Muslims from all over the Arab world flock there to find refuge. I still believe there is no such thing as democracy in the Arab world - Its one election and never again - just like in Gaza (Hamas & the brotherhood are the same); Hamas came in democratically - then they tossed members of their opposition (Palestinian Authority) off rooftops and we have never had another election since. A moth later rockets started falling all over Southern Israel because the Islamics would rather ‘die’ for their religion than live a life of peace… causing a war might make them a martyred. If there are any Islamics out there – please can you clarify for me; is Islam the religion of peace, or the religion of submission?

  • Chez - 2012-06-25 13:45

    As long as we can still go there on holiday, they can run their country how they like. I've always wanted to go there and now they have that amazing show on the history channel on Saturdays with that passionate Egyptian dude and it makes my feat itch to go. Is that selfish? Too bad, I want to see pyramids damn it!!

      jaba.kov - 2012-06-25 15:07

      I saw them 3 times! They are amazing. You can still go - but I would be quick... It took Iran about 2 years to lose their acumen after their Islamic revolution. Good luck and Enjoy FYI I have gone to scuba dive in the red sea 4 times - that is what I will miss most if this revolution takes the 'crazy' direction.

  • Michael - 2012-06-25 13:50

    Middle east is evil and is causing world war 3...all over religion...damn religion..smokes and mirrors...every man has a conscience of what is good and evil...we dont need books to condone killing of jews and non-belivers ETC and visa-versa.We are not the smae people that lived 2000 years ago..wheres the progression MIDDLE EAST...

      Tasneem - 2012-06-25 14:43

      Religion is not the word of God. Religion is man's practiceor actioning of God's word, and more specifically man's INTERPRETATION of God's word...and therein lies the problem. Every man has a different interpretation, often slanted to suit his own desires, preferences and ego; couple that with his delusion of having the support of God, and you have a recipe for disaster. For real life examples that demonstrate this, refer to the Christian crusades, king henry the VIII and the birth of the Anglican church (countless murdered and tortured, cos the pope would not sanction his divorce from his first wife catherine, so he reworks the interpretation and voila), look at the ongoing sh1t in the middle east, thats a basket case because of religion (not God, but religion - a man made thing) - Taliban, Al Qaeda, Sunni vs Shiite, Jew vs Islam - All "serving" God? really, is that what God wants? Religion sets out to do good, and in many respects does, but ultimately it comes down to what men believe and how far they are prepared to go to force their beliefs on those who's beliefs differ.

      rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-06-25 14:43

      said: Yes people kill people...but in the Middle East more than anywhere right now it is done in the name of religion. Extremists on both sides of the 'wall' are committed to spreading their religions accross the entire planet. The one redeeming factor for the Israelis is that they are in a very real sense fighting for their existence and despite what their extremeists posit I don't see them actually wanting to control the world. The problem with the Egyptian development is that it will inevitably promote the agenda of the far right in the Knesset, and that will almost certainly mean advancing the nuclear deterrent. This is going to develop into one seriously high stakes game of poker.

      ThinkingChick - 2012-06-25 16:19

      The words of god? Said - surely you have more than two braincells to rub together. If there were a god, which I do not believe, I sincerely doubt it would want people killing each other in its name.

  • joeballito - 2012-06-25 14:06

    The sunnis and the shiits in a pact? what a joke....They blowing each other up everyday. The Israelis wil blow all of them away in 7 days flat....again!Arabs just dont have the technology,but then they love being martyrs?They should clean up their own backyard before trying to convert the whole world to islam

  • Richard - 2012-06-25 14:09

    The outcome of this election may shift the balance of power in the Middle East towards Iran. But, and it's a big but, the Egyptian armed forces are powerful and largely independent. The Egyptian armed forces also receive a great of equipment, strategic, and tactical support from the United States, France, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. There is then alot of cooperation with "the west". So, without agreement by the Egyptian Armed Forces, any intent rethink the Camp David Accord and to form a stategic alliance by the Muslim Brotherhood with Iran would likely go exactly nowhere.... If Morsi will be at odds with the armed forces, we will likely see a military coup...

      henry.bosman.5 - 2012-06-25 14:16

      Spot on Richard. Egypt (its military anyway) are the 2nd largest recipient of US aid. If Egypt were too tear up the peace accord , that money will stop flowing to Egypts generals in a flash. The iranians cannot afford to replace that money with the sanctions starting to bite. The peace deal remains whether there's a military coup or not.

  • rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-06-25 14:16

    WATCH! Sometime soon the Suez Canal will once again become the centre-piece, with Aquaba a close second. I doubt that Israel can just sit on their hands and ignore this lot, and neither can the US. Frankly the US will get what it deserves for interfering with France, UK and Israel when they had already stabilized the canal back in 1956, that being more expenditure and engagement in the region, and loss of life. On the other hand, maybe...just maybe the Egyptian Brotherhood can be trusted to support moderation and peace in the Middle East (and for my next joke....!)

      Ashraaf - 2012-06-25 14:30

      Perhaps when Iran has nuclear capabilities the balance of power will shift away from Israel and they will then come to the the peace table with honest intentions especialy now that the Muslim Brotherhood will be ruling Egypt. with more true islamic countries surrounding the zionist state it will be necessary for the israelis to make peace and give back the stolen land.

      rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-06-25 15:01

      Ashraaf: Your rhetoric is showing, which hand can I expect you to offer in peace?

      rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-06-25 15:21

      And ashraaf: You want them to give the land back? You know that there will be a very long queue, the ones I know of are Persians, Iraqies, Egyptians, Italians 9Romans), Lebanese (Phoenician), Macedonians, Turkish and (at a push of credibility) British. Just like SA, but more so, it is very complex....the only criteria I can see to make any sense (and in SA) is ownership according to legal deed first and then by government hand-out.

      jaba.kov - 2012-06-25 16:14

      Ashraaf, "the stolen land" what do you mean by this? please be more specific Ashraaf, do you mean the disputed area of the West Bank (which I agree with) or Israel proper, Because Palestinian leaders (Hamas/PA) have been speaking like you (forked tongue) for over 60 years - if you mean Israel proper please keep in mind that Israel does have approximately 500 nukes just for that reason alone - your genocidel ideals is what Israel was expecting – push them to the corner and even the Hajj will be an impossibility for 3000 years due to the radioactive waste that will be left from yet another war you lost in attempting to build your Apartheid of the Middle East (ie Muslims only policy).

  • Hermann - 2012-06-25 14:29

    I hear on the grape vine that the Israeli informal trading section is already putting up stands where one can buy discarded second hand Egyptian army boots.

  • hc12345 - 2012-06-25 14:32

    Some good advice, start reading and believing the Bible. The Bible clearly predicted that Israel will be surrounded by the enemy in the last days. They have the God of the universe on their side. You can curse God, them or me as much as you like. They are the smallest nation in the world and were dwelling in other countries for 2000 years and then became a nation again as foretold in the Bible...surely this must make you think that maybe just maybe the Bible is truth! The Arabs tried their lock in 1967..let them try again....

  • jaba.kov - 2012-06-25 14:37

    This election along with the predicable results of the 'Arab uprisings' has put the final nail in the coffin of the God of Democracy and it's limitation as a social alternative to reality. Democracy has simply become a bunch of wolves arguing over how to snare their next victim. The rise of Islam = a rise in violence, both against each other and the world, just as any clear thinking person can see. No one will destroy Islam as will destroy itself.

  • dalai.rama.9 - 2012-06-25 14:54

    The irony is that the Waste (sic) aided and abatted this Frankenstein state, now it will come back to haunt them.

  • dalai.rama.9 - 2012-06-25 14:56

    The irony is that the Waste (sic) aided and abatted the creation of this Frankenstein state, now it will come back to haunt them.

  • geoff.liddiard - 2012-06-25 14:58

    Did anyone think it would be "everything the same" if the Islamists won the election? I think Israel will have to give them a quick reminder of 1967. He is feeling brave because he believes Iran will help if the s@#$ hits the fan. I would be very surprised if the Yanks didn't expect this. Watch Israel get very aggressive!

      jaba.kov - 2012-06-25 15:30

      Just as Gazans voted for Hamas and Iranians voted for the Ayatollas the Egyptians have voted for the Brotherhood. All these regimes have one thing in common - Failure. Failure of the economy, failure of tourism, failure of business, failure of creativeness, failure of world participation, unless you count Venezuela as the world.. These regimes are destined to continue to fail having dragged their voters willingly back to the middle ages. The only cement in their edifice is hatred and primitive behaviour. Fear not Israel these fanaticals are destined to fail and self destruct.

      ThinkingChick - 2012-06-25 16:22

      I'm fairly sure it took a while before WWII was recognised for what it was. I think WWIII has started already. Thanks Islam. I know who I am hoping gets annihilated and it is not Israel.

      larry.lachman.54 - 2012-06-25 17:42

      While efforts at democracy have brought Hamas and Islamic brotherhood to power, democracy goes out the window when Islamic fascism takes hold. Gaza democracy lasted a week with Fatah being banished amid its officials raining down from the Gaza rooftops to their deaths. Hamas has been in power since 2005 with no elections in sight. Expect the same from Egypt.

      joeballito - 2012-06-25 19:24

      Jaba,as Clinton said" They are a backward people" agree they are self destructing as we speak.Except for a few "blow myself up's" we dont have anything to fear.

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