Eritrea seeks to end regional isolation

2011-08-03 12:42

Addis Ababa - Eritrea is seeking to end its regional isolation and has applied for re-admission to an East African peace bloc four years after it pulled out, a statement said on Wednesday.

The six-member Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) said Asmara's request to rejoin the body was being considered, but noted that Eritrea was facing serious accusations by a UN monitoring group report.

"The final decision for re-admission is pending the ongoing internal consultations within the policy making organs of IGAD and will be communicated in due course," the IGAD secretariat said in a statement.

"It has to be noted that Eritrea suspended its membership from IGAD four years ago and is requesting re-admission at a time when there are discussions at the UN Security Council regarding serious accusations levelled against it."

The UN Monitoring Group on Eritrea and Somalia last week said Asmara was behind a plan to bomb an African Union summit in January in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

Eritrea withdrew from IGAD over the 2006-2007 conflict in Somalia, where its arch-foe Ethiopia deployed troops to oust an Islamist movement.

The IGAD later urged the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on Eritrea on accusations that it backed the Islamist rebels.

"The IGAD secretariat however appreciates the request of the state of Eritrea and will expedite the process on behalf of the organisation," the statement said.

IGAD comprises Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda.

  • Anton - 2011-08-03 16:57

    Sorry, but before I can comment on this story, I have to consult with my personal AFRICA EXPERT Dr Hilary Ojukwu from Nigeria She is not only an expert on Eritrea, but on the WHOLE OF AFRICA !!!

  • Asab - 2011-08-03 17:57

    Eritreans have once again proved to the world how immature and irrational bunch of confused souls they are...To start with the only reason Eritreans sought Independence from Ethiopia was not because they genuinely believed they are better off without Ethiopia but hoped to blackmail a land-locked Ethiopia and suck it dry. But that didn't materialise because they took their greed too far and too fast even for their sympathiser PM Meles Zenawi's liking. Hence they are determined to reverse the situation by all means necessary even if that means they have to make 'peace' with Ethiopia for the time being and this diplomatic u turn is part of that grand plan. But in reality a hardly viable Eritrea will never leave Ethiopia alone or live by the side of Ethiopia peacefully as an economically inferior entity. they just don't see it as an option due to the nature of the foundation on which Eritrean identity was built. It is a society that had developed a culture of myth and exaggerated sense of self importance as a result of few colonial legacies which Ethiopians didn't have. (such us how to boil spaghetti)...but unfortunately it seems time has caught up with Eritreans and the chance of a supper-poor Eritrea outsmarting poor Ethiopians is minute.

      mesfin - 2011-08-04 01:18

      Asab... you are questioning the value of this web site, and i realized that this is not your right place to comment like this irrelevant thing, please go and practice how to comment in other junior sites.

  • Asab - 2011-08-03 19:44

    another thing, Eritrea's population is less than 5 million with 95% illitrate, yet they make 95% of internet worriors who post a pre-written and repetative comments within seconds of an article or a story being released...It is as though they have all left eritrea for world wide tour oooops web. www

      Anton - 2011-08-03 20:31

      Asab, Can you please find out if there is not a guy by the name of ,,Kunta-Kinte,, living there. He probably lives in an internet cafe` thanks

  • Asab - 2011-08-04 15:58

    mesfin, I do value this site which is why I took my time to comment but you are trying to buy sympathy from the admin by praising the site when the topic has nothing to do with how valueble or invalueble a site is..If you think my comment is irrelevant just explain if you have the guts...stop being too Eritrean..cos it is hurting your poor people.

  • africawi - 2011-08-16 18:14

    Eritrea needs to get punished for its role in distabilising the region. Alshabab is now rethreating thats why Eritrea is now trying to forge relation with eastern african states. East africans shouldnt be fooled by the recent jestures of Eritrean regime, the regime needs to get sanctioned by the UN. The security council needs to impose further sanction on the pariah state of Eritrea. Eritrea helped alshabab bomb Uganda, as a result of that terrorist plot 76 ugandans have been killed. Eritrea recently tried to bomb Addis Ababa, those messengers of eritrea have been caught redhanded by the security forces of Ethiopia. Its time for Eastern African states to pressure on the UN security council to impose sanction against the asmara regime. The regime in Asmara need to be overthrown. Ethiopia is sick and tired of eritreas support to terrorists, its a matter of time, ethiopia may decide to take matters in its hand and overthrow the regime, to prevent that the UN need to punish Eritrea, this will help change Eritreas provocative behaviour.

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